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  • A £6,000 Highland Cow

    A £6,000 Highland Cow

    After a very soggy weekend Edinburgh put on a splendid day for us yesterday. I took lots of lovely photos from high places: first the ferris wheel and later the Scott Monument. Starting with the ferris wheel: This is our view at breakfast. We stayed at Motel One on Princess St. There are two Motel […]

  • WordCamp Edinburgh 2017

    I’ve been in Edinburgh all weekend for the Edinburgh WordCamp, which was hands-down the best WordCamp all year so far. It rained all weekend but that didn’t make the city any less beautiful and nor did it dampen the spirits of all the attendees. The venue was right beneath the castle and it was inspiring […]

  • Mother India, Edinburgh

    I’ve lost my voice. I guess it’s a sign of a good party when you can’t talk for the next two days. At the Christmas dinner a couple of years ago I arrived at the B&B and accidentally went into someone else’s room and drank their sherry. Thankfully nothing like that happened this year except for […]

  • Automatticians in Edinburgh

    Automatticians in Edinburgh

    I have had a sensational afternoon, evening, and day in Edinburgh with an amazing group of coworkers. We started with ice-skating at the outdoor rink for the Christmas markets. It was packed! Way more packed than I was expecting but lots of fun nevertheless. Then we had dinner at Mother India and a small group of […]

  • How many outfits can I wear in one day?

    How many outfits can I wear in one day?

    It’s my work Christmas party in Edinburgh tonight and I’m very excited. Last year we went to York and this year there are so many more of us that we’ve split up into two groups – one down south and one up north. I’m off to the Edinburgh one today. The best thing about my job are […]

  • Edinburgh Christmas market

    I’m writing this on the train back to Aberdeen. We had a fantastic day in Edinburgh today. The Christmas markets just began this week and they are wonderful. We went on the ferris wheel and it was a gorgeous day which meant we had spectacular views from the top. There’s an outdoor skating rink there which I couldn’t […]

  • Edinburgh WordCamp 2015

    I’m in Edinburgh. We all came down for the weekend so that I could attend the Edinburgh WordCamp today and it was terrific. How cool is this Scottish bag-pipe-playing Waapu? Skyscanner HQ provided the venue. Skyscanner started with just four employees working out of a tiny office in Leith. They now have several offices all over the […]

  • Edinburgh – day 2

    Edinburgh – day 2

    Today we went to the MC Escher exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Two. It was brilliant. There was quite a long queue but they’ve installed a timber maze on the front lawn so I waited in line while the kids and Ben ran wild in the maze. It was well worth […]

  • Edinburgh

    We’ve had a great day in Edinburgh today. First stop this morning was Laid Back Bikes where I got to try out an Urban Arrow. This is one slick bike. It weighs and handles similarly to the bakfiets but has electric assist and so is easy peasy to pedal. I’m in two minds about having […]

  • Edinburgh

    Our last stop before returning to York is Edinburgh. Edinburgh is magnificent. Bill Bryson wrote about it in his book, Notes from a Small Island, but he painted it in a slightly unfavourable light. His objection, if I recall correctly, was that Edinburgh is full of all the same high street shops that plague most […]