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  • Queues, parties, anxiety, and dad-friendly swimsuits

    The party last night was a bit of a disaster. Everyone was told not to eat first because there would be food there but the food was a small pop-up stall selling hamburgers and hot dogs with a long and mostly stationary queue of about 100 people. To get drinks you had to purchase tokens […]

  • Mother India, Edinburgh

    I’ve lost my voice. I guess it’s a sign of a good party when you can’t talk for the next two days. At the Christmas dinner a couple of years ago I arrived at the B&B and accidentally went into someone else’s room and drank their sherry. Thankfully nothing like that happened this year except for […]

  • How many outfits can I wear in one day?

    How many outfits can I wear in one day?

    It’s my work Christmas party in Edinburgh tonight and I’m very excited. Last year we went to York and this year there are so many more of us that we’ve split up into two groups – one down south and one up north. I’m off to the Edinburgh one today. The best thing about my job are […]

  • 10th Anniversary Party

    10th Anniversary Party

    About 10.5 years ago I bought a wedding dress to wear to my wedding which was 10 years ago yesterday. However I was 7 months pregnant at the wedding and the dress didn’t fit so I never got to wear it. Yesterday we had a party to celebrate the 10 years and I wore the […]

  • Party preparations!

    Party preparations!

    We’re having a party this evening and I ordered Marks and Spencer catering which I collected this morning. The lady in M&S asked me how far away my car was parked and I had to explain that I would be taking it all on my bike. I think she thought I was nuts. But it […]

  • Photos from WordCamp Europe 2016

    I work with so many wonderful photographers that I’ve stopped taking photos myself when I’m around them. There are always so many terrific photos that come out afterwards which other people have taken. Here are some of them. This one was taken by Elio. We look like gangsters, don’t you think? It looks like I’ve got […]

  • A Viennese waltz

    I’m very excited to be attending Word Camp EU in Vienna this week. The lineup of speakers is superb and so many of my coworkers are going that it’ll be like a mini grand meetup. Ben and the kids are also coming along and we’re going to stay in Vienna for an extra couple of days afterwards […]

  • Bicycles, birds, and mathematicians

    We’ve just returned from a very enjoyable departmental party at Ben’s work. The pure maths department is very small so it was a small and friendly gathering. There were some other kids there and they paired up with our kids and spent the time tearing about the place and burning off energy. We cycled there and home […]

  • Provence

    We’re currently staying at a truly magnificent place in Provence. My sister and her husband have organised a weekend celebration for their wedding rather than just the usual day and so a group of about 30 of us have gathered in this lovely part of the world to drink and be merry. There are quite a […]

  • A new year: 2014

    Elizabeth had a great birthday party yesterday. It was fun for the adults too and not without a few mishaps. At one point, Daniel vomited on the coat of one of our guests. I think he ate too much. Then a four-year-old in attendance was very taken with Ben’s costume and began requesting bits of […]

  • Happy birthday, Elizabeth

    On this day, four years ago, Elizabeth was born. In hindsight, it wasn’t very well planned but she was due on the 17th of December and kept us waiting. After two weeks, the hospital staff refused to let me wait any longer and so on New Year’s Eve 2009, I was induced and Elizabeth was […]

  • Road works and Daniel's party

    Street Maintenance Auckland Transport has spent the last week ripping up the footpaths and kerbs on our street and replacing them with new footpaths and kerbs. I can’t think why they’re doing this as the footpaths and kerbs looked fine to me before. What I find even more frustrating is the absence of a cycle […]

  • Happy birthday, Elizabeth

    Happy birthday to gorgeous Elizabeth, who turned 3 today! We had a lovely party for her at home with lots of good friends to celebrate with. I made her a koala cake: Freud helped open the presents: The decorations went up along with pin-the-nose on the koala: Yummy food: Family shot with Daniel showing us […]

  • Zeki’s grave and photos

    We buried Zeki in our back yard and planted a fern on the grave. Daniel helped us and was very interested in the process.   He does not seem bothered by the fact Zeki is gone and never coming back. Zeki’s grave I thought I’d take the opportunity to post some photos of our garden […]