Pedal boats at Duthie Park

The kids have been nagging me to take them on the pedal boats at Duthie Park for some time now. We finally did it this afternoon and it was really nice. The tiny bit of walking we did to get there and back was fraught with difficulty for Daniel who is engaged in an ongoing battle with his socks. We can’t leave our house without Daniel saying, “There’s something wrong with my socks”. I’m not sure whether this is an autism thing or what but somehow the seams near the toe of his socks cause him grief. Can you buy seamless socks? We stopped at least a half a dozen times for him to remove his shoes and readjust his socks but it was all to no avail.

Once we finally made it to the boats it was very nice. The boats are in a very pretty setting and the peddling is good exercise, even for a cyclist.



You can hire these cool bikes at Duthie Park now too:



Some selfies:




Also got this nice photo of the kids this morning:







26 responses to “Pedal boats at Duthie Park”

  1. One year for our village Gala we closed off the High Street and had races down & up on the four person thingies, very hairy turning at the end at speed on two wheels, but no-one cowped over luckily.

    1. Yes, those large bikes look as though they could tip easily on tight corners. I have never tried one but we might give them a go one day. They look like fun.

  2. What a lovely family you have! Your kids are gorgeous.

    1. Thank you! I think they’re pretty cute 🙂

  3. I think you can get seamless socks, but they will be nylon-y. It’s a shame when something is just not comfy.
    The pedalos look like great fun 🙂 I like the life jackets. Back in the day when my kids and I went on one of these there were no safety precautions – you just made sure you could all swim!
    And I rode one of those fancy bikes with my sister and Mum in Southport ages ago 🙂 It was hard going.
    And I agree with LDG above – your kids are great 🙂

    1. The water is actually very shallow – probably only goes up to my thighs. Daniel was asking me why we needed life jackets when we can touch the bottom. I said that he might hit his head and become unconscious and so life jackets are a good idea.

      I haven’t ever ridden one of those bikes but I’m keen to give them a try.

      1. You will never have a dull moment with Daniel; but sensible question – and answer! 🙂
        The big bike was a lot of fun, just hard gong for me, who had to do most of the pedaling as I was 20, my sister 10 and my mum sat in the middle and didn’t pedal! You will be Fine – as you cycle your kids everywhere! 🙂

  4. All my children have gone threw the ‘sock’ phase.. Thought it was just us who had this sillyness..!!!
    Only ‘daddy’ knew how to put them on properly, and then not always… 😉
    we also had the not getting out ofthe car because its too ‘sunny’ phase… and sand is to ‘sandy’ phase… none of them are autistic, now a bit more grown up, 7,10 and 11

    1. Nice to know I’m not the only one! I did a bit of research for seamless socks and you can get them on the web and this kind of sensory issue is fairly common in kids on the spectrum. But it’s no limited to kids on the spectrum as you have discovered 🙂

      Daniel is 8 and still hasn’t grown out of it. I’m going to find some seamless socks to see what he makes of them.

  5. Love your photo’s as always Rach! Duthie park looks beautiful, a cold climate certainly makes for beautiful green scenery. The ‘sock’ issue reminds me of the You Tube series called ‘Convos with My 2-Year old’ in which the two year old (as played by a 40 year old man) refuses to wear pant’s because the ‘tag hurts me’. Have you seen that web series? Xxx

    1. I think you mean this one:


  6. Great photos, Rachel. Gorgeous family!

    Your kids are so fortunate to have so many adventures. I’m sorry that I don’t have any suggestions re the socks. Good luck! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Duthie Park is a lovely place. It’s easy to take nice pics there. I’ll have to show you when you come to visit.

  7. I have friends with kids that are on the autism spectrum who don’t like the feeling of certain fabrics on the skin, especially wool-, or even clothes can be uncomfortable to wear, which is fine at home, although awkward for visitors and a bit difficult for school etc.
    I can empathise with Daniel as socks would be perfectly great if they didn’t have a seam below the toes- perhaps you have a future niche market ! Some knitted socks don’t have a seam below the toes , even sometimes the socks that are anklet type on memory don’t always have seams near the toes either.

    1. I think these types of sensory issues are common in kids on the spectrum. I’ve discovered some seamless socks online though so I’ll give them a try.

      1. You have such seamless socks for running and hiking. No idea if you can get them, but in Germany Falke is pretty good. They used to be better; seems to be some kind of standard, someone builds up a quality brand, its gets bought and the new owner gradually lowers the quality. Especially for outdoors brands.

        1. Thanks. I just had a quick look at their website and they’re selling something called “handlinked toes” which supposedly feels like seamless socks. Maybe I’ll give those a try.

  8. Great photos. Once again. Lovely looking family!

  9. Miles fights with his socks every morning for the same reason. No autism but I’ve suspected sensory issues in the past, but not for him as much as his brother. Who doesn’t get bothered by sock seams. Ha!

    1. This is obviously more common than I thought. Nice to know I’m not the only one with kids who fight with their socks.

  10. What a lovely picture of the kids by the window. The light on them is beautiful.

    1. Thanks! I do like that photo.

  11. I’m sure it is an autism thing Rachel, with the socks. I can relate! Lovely to paddle on the water, great photos and selfies, and the one of Daniel and Elizabeth by the window is just beautiful, perfect lighting 🙂

    1. Thanks! I wanted a photo of the three of us and a selfie seemed the best way to do it. They worked out ok but my favourite is the one by the window.

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