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  • The dentist and playing dress-ups

    I took Elizabeth to the dentist this morning and everything is fine which is a big relief after the shock we had last year. We’ve found a terrific dentist here. He told me that what Elizabeth had done, with the stainless steel crowns on her back molars, is the best treatment she could possibly have […]

  • A pic and should healthcare be free?

    I took this photo of a church on Union St this morning because I found the colours really striking. The blue-grey of the sky and the gentle sunlight shining on the church spire made me want to whip out my camera and capture it as I raced to a 9am appointment. I went to the […]

  • Princess teeth

    Elizabeth had her operation today. She was scheduled for 7am this morning so we left home at 6:30am thinking that we’d miss the Auckland traffic but no, the traffic was already thick. A journey which would normally only take about 15 minutes, took 35 minutes.  Elizabeth was in good spirits and quite excited about the whole thing. She knew […]

  • Rejecting the advice of experts simply because you don’t like it is unwise

    Today I took Daniel to the same paediatric dentist Elizabeth saw last week. He’s been seeing the school dental nurse since he was four but I couldn’t help wondering whether they had missed something with him as well? After all, they only discovered one cavity in Elizabeth’s teeth when the dentist found four. Thankfully, his […]

  • Fluffy has escaped!

    Fluffy escaped. There were tears. There was much searching, but we can’t find him. I did manage to get this photo of Elizabeth letting him out of his home for a walk before he disappeared though : I’ve just come back from a run and it was fabulous. My bike has a flat tyre. I really must learn […]

  • Flossing a four-year-old’s teeth

    Elizabeth went to see the dental nurse recently who told us she needed a filling. I decided to take her to the dentist to have the work done because of a bad experience with my own teeth and the dental nurse when I was a child. We went today and the dentist says she needs […]

  • Dental anxiety

    I went to the dentist this morning. All was fine as it pretty much always is. But that doesn’t stop me from freaking out. What is it about the dentist that does this? I blame the school dental nurses of my childhood with their set of torture tools and creepy schadenfreude.  The thing I hate […]