The Christmas markets and some new boots

The Christmas markets have opened in Aberdeen already. I'm sure they start it earlier and earlier each year. This year it's a little bit special because it's on the newly pedestrianised Broad Street. The Aberdeen City Council has been promising pedestrianisation of the city centre for about a decade now and finally they've managed to… Continue reading The Christmas markets and some new boots

I’m not rational

I took the How Rational Are You, Really? quiz on and it turns out I'm not very rational. This will explain why I recently bought a pair of shoes for looks rather than comfort. Although to be fair, I later returned the uncomfortable, impractical shoes and got a pair of comfortable, outrageous shoes instead. Apparently… Continue reading I’m not rational

Sticky poo on my new shoes

A very kind person solved my tap problem by posting the missing part through my letterbox this morning. Thank you so much! It was particularly fortunate because I later stepped in dog poo and the hose made the cleaning up much easier than it would have otherwise been. It turns out the plumber did not install a… Continue reading Sticky poo on my new shoes

Chains for shoes and Trotify

A shop in Aviemore was selling chains for shoes to increase the friction on icy pavements. We bought a couple of pairs and they're fantastic. Why doesn't everyone have these? They slip onto the soles of your shoes and make a huge difference. No more slipping over for me. Here's another must-have product: Trotify. I'm going… Continue reading Chains for shoes and Trotify

Bare feet are for cavemen

Crochet slippers

I've noticed a change in the weather this week. The nights have become cooler and suddenly, I'm sleeping really well. Maybe it's just a coincidence. I can wear jeans again and I love jeans. I could live permanently in jeans. The best thing though, is that I can wear my socks and slippers once more.… Continue reading Bare feet are for cavemen