Rachel smiling while wearing her second-hand red cashmere hand-knitted jumper.

Winter, recycled cashmere, and soup

We woke to our first frost this morning. It’s very late in the season to only be getting a frost now. It has been the mildest autumn since we moved here with most daytime temperatures in double digits still.

For the first time I was a little sad when summer ended as I’ve so enjoyed all the animals in the garden – the amphibians and the hedgehogs and the bees. They will all disappear over winter but will hopefully return again next year. We still have all the birds and the foxes at least.

With the arrival of the first frost I felt excited for winter again. It’s the time for soups and knits. Last Saturday I picked up an amazing bargain at the charity shop. I couldn’t believe what I found. It’s a hand-knitted Scottish cashmere jumper in near perfect condition. I’m not sure of the age but possibly 20 or more years old judging by the label.

The label on the red jumper reads: Hand-kintted in Scotland. Hillary Rokde. 100% pure cashmere. Hand-wash dry flat.

I have been living in it all week.

Rachel smiling and wearing a second-hand red cashmere jumper that was hand-knitted in Scotland.

I don’t buy new cashmere things for myself for environmental and animal welfare reasons but second-hand is totally fine. You can buy a lot of wonderful second-hand cashmere stuff these days. Try Nearly New Cashmere or Turtle Doves. Even the designer Stella McCartney only uses recycled cashmere.

Last night we had a red lentil and parsnip soup which was divine. This is from Gaz Oakley’s Vegan 100 cookbook.

Red lentil and parsnip soup with parsnip chips and parsley on the top.

I do love parsnips.

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