A dream come true

Image of Daniel and Rachel ice skating

Today was a good day. It has long been a dream of mine to ice skate outside in a natural environment and today I ticked that off my list. 

Image of Daniel and Rachel ice skating

Aberdeen has had several days of sub-zero temperatures, freezing the water in lakes and ponds. We found what is really just a puddle of water on a field that froze solid. We’re essentially skating on the grass but it was perfect. Last week we had several days of rain so I guess it pooled here and then froze. It was wonderful. I couldn’t stop smiling. And we had it all to ourselves which made physical distancing a breeze.

Image of Daniel and Elizabeth

Image of Rachel and Elizabeth

Poor Ben has been working like a dog 7 days a week and couldn’t come. Lectures start this week and the covid pandemic has increased his workload exponentially. I spent almost the entire day outside and I really needed it. I had a terrible migraine last night and was up in agony for much of the night. The ice cold air on my head today was soothing. I like it when the temperature falls below zero because it’s dry. There’s no mud and no puddles because everything is frozen. I also like the feel of the cold air on my cheeks. Here’s a video:

My ice-skates I bought at a charity shop a year or two ago in anticipation of this day. This is the first time I’ve used them. I bought the kids’ skates online. Hopefully we’ll get to use them again before spring arrives. This winter feels like a proper winter.

2 responses to “A dream come true”

  1. It was really nice seeing such an optimistically titled post. And I am so in awe of you going skating. I did it a bit as a teenager but I was always scared.
    It does seem very difficult for lecturers at the moment. Sorry to hear about all of Ben’s work.

    • My mother used to take us ice skating when we were kids and I think if you learn something as a kid it’s easier as an adult. As for Ben I think it’s particularly stressful for him because he’s head of department and it’s not a great time to be leading. There’s just lots more to do and so many unknowns.

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