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  • Linn of Quoich

    Linn of Quoich

    We had a delightful walk at the Linn of Quoich today. We walked upstream along the Quoich River further than we’ve gone before and I found myself having to stop over and over again for photos because it was just so pretty. It was very quiet too. Practically no-one else there. Daniel pooed on the […]

  • Swimming in the Clunie

    Swimming in the Clunie

    We swam in Clunie Water in Braemar yesterday in the same spot we swam over the summer last year. It was a lot colder this year. Absolutely freezing in fact so we used our wetsuits. It was still lovely and clear and we could see fish in it which is always reassuring. The colder temperatures […]

  • Sunday diary: good food and wild swimming

    Sunday diary: good food and wild swimming

    Today started at around 2am with the cat meowing at me. She wanted to go outside but we don’t let her out at night and usually she’s very happy with that. I think her bowel movements must have got out of sync and she was desperate to go and crap in the neighbour’s garden. Eventually […]

  • Swimming in the Clunie River

    Swimming in the Clunie River

    Yesterday was another warm day and we swam in the Clunie River in Braemar. It was refreshing, crystal clear, and home to lots of juvenile trout. The trout ranged in size from tiny to an adult that was at least half a metre long. They can live for 10 to 20 years apparently and are […]

  • Swimming at Potarch Bridge

    Swimming at Potarch Bridge

    We went for a swim at Potarch Bridge today. It was smashing and I realised that it’s the first time I’ve been wild swimming in summer in Scotland. Usually I just do the idiotic thing and submerge myself mid-winter for bragging rights. After all, what’s the point of doing something if you can’t brag about […]

  • Through the blue door … River North Esk, Angus

    Through the blue door … River North Esk, Angus

    About 50 minutes south of Aberdeen is an outstanding walk along the River North Esk. It starts at the Gannochy Bridge, an 18th-century vaulted arch bridge about a mile north from the village of Edzell. You can park in Edzell and walk from there or there’s parking beside the blue door itself and also around […]

  • The River Dee and Brig o’ Dee

    The River Dee and Brig o’ Dee

    Often on weekends, when there’s no pandemic, we venture out into the countryside for walks and picnics. Today I found myself missing that peace, quiet, and feeling of remoteness since we haven’t left the city for more than a month now. I do love living in the inner city with its convenience but I also […]

  • The Loch Ness Tickular

    The Loch Ness Tickular

    At some point over the weekend in Fort Augustus I got a tick. I found it in the shower last night. It was a tiny speck buried in amongst the black hairs of my bikini line which hasn’t been shaved in months and months so it was somewhat surprising that I saw it at all. […]

  • Ice on the River Dee

    Ice on the River Dee

    There are big chunks of ice on the River Dee today. I took pics. It’s very pretty.  

  • The Bridge House Stables

    The Bridge House Stables

    We’re just back from a fantastic weekend away staying at the Bridge House Stables in Perthshire. It’s an old bridge built in 1881 over the River Ardle and now let as two holiday homes. The interior has been tastefully renovated and in keeping with the age of the bridge. Straddling the river means you can […]

  • Old things

    Old things

    I love old things. We’re doing some exploring this weekend in a beautiful part of Scotland. I love the landscapes in Scotland: the hills, lochs, rivers, and sea. But I also love the history and the architecture. Modern stuff doesn’t really excite me but old stuff inspires and uplifts me. Old things are unique and […]

  • River Ouse

    Last week the river Ouse looked very full. Yesterday I thought, wow, it’s even fuller. This morning it is double WOW! Here’s a photo of the river, taken from the bike path, yesterday afternoon.   Here’s a photo taken from the same spot this morning.   And here in portrait mode so you can see […]

  • York…WOW

    I visited York briefly many years ago and saw the city centre, the Minster and the Shambles. I can remember thinking at the time, WOW. Coming back again now it is all just as WOW as it was back then. Here are some of the things we saw today.