I visited York briefly many years ago and saw the city centre, the Minster and the Shambles. I can remember thinking at the time, WOW. Coming back again now it is all just as WOW as it was back then. Here are some of the things we saw today.

8 thoughts on “York…WOW”

  1. What a beautiful part of England. The architecture is stunning. You are going to have a wonderful experience there Rachel. Loving your photography.

  2. Hey Rachel, what a stunning place, we are all coming over to share your beautiful experience. How many bedrooms do you have?

  3. Just as I remember it from when we were there in 1993 – except there was also a huge animatronics dinosaur exhibition at the museum(?), which was so realistic that we saw a couple of frightened small children reduced to tears.

    But there is plenty of wonderful stuff without that.

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