Old things

I love old things. We’re doing some exploring this weekend in a beautiful part of Scotland. I love the landscapes in Scotland: the hills, lochs, rivers, and sea. But I also love the history and the architecture. Modern stuff doesn’t really excite me but old stuff inspires and uplifts me. Old things are unique and have character. If they’ve survived for a long time then they’re well-made and were created with true craftsmanship. They are also enveloped in mysterious, untold stories that excite the imagination. Old things make me feel happy.










3 thoughts on “Old things”

    1. Yes, I am intrigued by the stalactites. I haven’t seen this on old bridges before. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough? Is it a sign they need re-pointing?

  1. No, it’s just a natural process. Rain water is slightly acidic and cause the lime to leach out of the mortar/cement. It’s the same process that happens in limestone caves.

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