The Loch Ness Tickular

At some point over the weekend in Fort Augustus I got a tick. I found it in the shower last night. It was a tiny speck buried in amongst the black hairs of my bikini line which hasn’t been shaved in months and months so it was somewhat surprising that I saw it at all. At first I didn’t know what it was but when it didn’t wipe off I stupidly yanked at it and only then did it occur to me that it might be a tick. Ticks should be removed with care so as not to leave part of them in your body but it was too late for that because I’d pulled it out.

My eye sight isn’t as good as it once was and we don’t have a magnifying glass (note to self: buy magnifying glass) so I got Daniel to have a look at it and he said he could see arms and legs on the thing which confirmed its tick status. Now the beast is sitting in a glass jar on my desk and I’ve name him Tickular.

This is my first tick ever. I have no idea how or where I got it but most disconcerting is how close it ended up to my private bits. I was wearing tights on all our walks. How on earth did it manage to go through my tights? The good news is there’s no redness or swelling on the removal site which suggests I didn’t accidentally decapitate him.

Here are some photos from our last day. This is Loch Ness:


On the drive home we stopped at Invermoriston which is right beside Loch Ness and has a lovely river – River Moriston – with rapids and stone bridges.



The stone bridge in the next photo is one of many built by Thomas Telford. The same Thomas Telford who built the Caledonian Canal.





There’s a lovely short walk you can do beside the river. Perhaps this is where the Loch Ness Tickular came from because I sat on this tree root for a photo. It looks just like a seat.


Also beside Loch Ness is Urquhart Castle which we visited back in 2015.


12 thoughts on “The Loch Ness Tickular”

  1. I love how you kept the intruder and named him. 🙂 And yes, how on earth did he end up there where supposedly one wears clothing??

  2. Take care with tick bites, look up the symptoms for Lymes disease – can be very serious. Saw you all on the Beeb the other day, you all came over well.

    1. Yes, I know about Lyme disease and will keep an eye on the spot to make sure there’s no swelling or redness over the coming days.

  3. We have a little black rescue cat that tends to live outside most of the time – he’s ALWAYS coming in with ticks, and we always remove them if and when we can corner him. That is a bit of a mystery though – how it managed to sneak through your clothes ?!

    1. Just thinking about it – do you dry your clothes on the line outside? I noticed loads of spiders on our towels last weekend… I suppose a tick could have got stuck inside your tights while they were hanging to dry ?

      1. I do but how would the tick get up to the clothes line? They can’t fly. We’re also in the middle of a city. I thought they lived around sheep and deer? It’s possible, depending on which day I got the tick, that I may have been wearing the tights that have a small hole in them. I think that’s the most probably explanation.

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