Glen Tanar and swimming at Cambus o’May

Last night before I had a chance to put the wildlife camera out the hedgehogs had already left their houses to forage for food. We saw Horace in the undergrowth hopefully consuming some of the many slugs and snails that live in our garden. It really is a paradise for hedgehogs as we have very… Continue reading Glen Tanar and swimming at Cambus o’May

Cambus O’May Suspension Bridge

Swimming in the Dee

The kids and I went to the Cambus O'May suspension bridge today. Ben is snowed under with work and couldn't join us unfortunately. The bridge reopened in April this year following major repair works after Storm Frank nearly washed it away back in 2015. It's a beautiful Edwardian suspension bridge built in 1905 across the… Continue reading Cambus O’May Suspension Bridge

Sunday diary: good food and wild swimming

Swimming at Potarch Bridge

Today started at around 2am with the cat meowing at me. She wanted to go outside but we don't let her out at night and usually she's very happy with that. I think her bowel movements must have got out of sync and she was desperate to go and crap in the neighbour's garden. Eventually… Continue reading Sunday diary: good food and wild swimming

Our trout friend, Segways, squirrels, and the River Dee

I haven't done so much swimming since I was a kid when we'd spend a week or two at the beach over the summer holidays. I'd get sunburnt and dumped by waves but generally have a very good time. We've been swimming with the trout in the Clunie River everyday and we've named one of… Continue reading Our trout friend, Segways, squirrels, and the River Dee

Swimming at the Linn of Dee and Linn of Quoich

There was more wild swimming for us today. This time we swam in the Linn of Dee and the Linn of Quoich. Linn means a "pool below a waterfall". The Linn of Dee is a well-known tourist attraction about 6.5 miles from Braemar. It was a favourite spot of Queen Victoria's and is a gorge… Continue reading Swimming at the Linn of Dee and Linn of Quoich

Swimming at Potarch Bridge

We went for a swim at Potarch Bridge today. It was smashing and I realised that it's the first time I've been wild swimming in summer in Scotland. Usually I just do the idiotic thing and submerge myself mid-winter for bragging rights. After all, what's the point of doing something if you can't brag about… Continue reading Swimming at Potarch Bridge

Potarch Bridge

We visited a lovely bridge over the River Dee today called Potarch Bridge which is about 40 miles west of Aberdeen. It was built by the engineer Thomas Telford in 1811-1813. This is the same Thomas Telford who built the Caledonian Canal and many other bridges all over the UK. I do love an old… Continue reading Potarch Bridge

Be cautious, COVID app, wild swimming, and distance education

The lockdown has mostly ended here insofar as much as it can end. Things won't return to normal until there's a vaccine but shops are allowed to open and people can go for holidays. Nevertheless our life hasn't really changed. I'm still working from home. Ben is still working from home. The kids just finished… Continue reading Be cautious, COVID app, wild swimming, and distance education

Union Street is closed to cars | Pics by the River Dee

The Aberdeen City Council was awarded a £1.76million grant to widen pavements, install temporary bike lanes, and build one-way walking systems - all to create space for social distancing during the pandemic. I cycled into the city centre this morning and they've already closed part of Union Street to cars and buses (the part between… Continue reading Union Street is closed to cars | Pics by the River Dee

Cycling the Deeside cycleway in the rain

We went for another ride this afternoon along the Deeside cycleway. It was raining all morning and so I had to force a somewhat reluctant husband to join me. The kids were warm and dry in Busby so they didn't mind. It didn't rain very much in the end and the sun even came out on our way… Continue reading Cycling the Deeside cycleway in the rain

Deeside Way

We've just been out for a cycle ride on Deeside Way. This is the old train line which used to ferry Queen Victoria and entourage out to Balmoral Castle every summer. It was closed in the 60s and has recently been converted into a cycling/walking path. The pathway goes all the way out to Ballater,… Continue reading Deeside Way

Ballater in the snow

It snowed this morning in Ballater. I was ecstatic. An Australian in the snow is a bit like a puppy with a smelly leather shoe to chew. Ben was less excited about it. This is the Royal Station in Ballater, a magnificent building: The River Dee, which is lovely in all kinds of weather, was particularly beautiful… Continue reading Ballater in the snow