Our trout friend, Segways, squirrels, and the River Dee

I haven’t done so much swimming since I was a kid when we’d spend a week or two at the beach over the summer holidays. I’d get sunburnt and dumped by waves but generally have a very good time.

We’ve been swimming with the trout in the Clunie River everyday and we’ve named one of them Kilgore after Kilgore Trout. Kilgore has a little hideout next to one particular rock in the river and we see him most days. We keep our distance and try not to disturb him (or her). Sometimes he will swim and he’s super fast; blink and you’ll miss him. I wonder if he’s the mum or dad of all the juveniles in that section?

Today the kids had a go on these mini Segways. They’re Ninebot S Segways and eguide Scotland put on a children’s activity in the games park. The same company also do children’s birthdays. The kids had a terrific time and were quite exhausted afterwards. They require a lot of balance and you also use your leg muscles to lean and turn. It looked like fun.

Later we saw a couple getting married on an island in the River Dee.

A red squirrel visited us to eat the nuts I’d left outside. He was very busy filling his mouth with nuts then burying them all over the place.

Here he is in flight mode.

I took a video. Victoria was very interested but watching from the inside.

In the afternoon we went for another swim. This time in a deeper part of the River Dee where you can swim laps or one very, very long lap.

6 thoughts on “Our trout friend, Segways, squirrels, and the River Dee”

      1. Yes this is why it is taking me years to get to grips with riding a horse while my kids picked it up in a few months. Balance is a good skill to encourage.

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