Cycling the Deeside cycleway in the rain

We went for another ride this afternoon along the Deeside cycleway. It was raining all morning and so I had to force a somewhat reluctant husband to join me. The kids were warm and dry in Busby so they didn’t mind. It didn’t rain very much in the end and the sun even came out on our way home.

This time we only went as far as Culter which is about 7 miles away. After Culter the sealed pathway ends and is gravel for a little bit. It returns to a sealed pathway just before Drumoak but we didn’t think it would be sensible cycling on the gravel path in the rain as it might have been really muddy.

Culter turns out to be a great place to stop because every Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 2-4pm, you can enjoy afternoon tea in the Heritage Centre.


It is run by a group of volunteers and for £3 you get a pot of tea and can choose three items from their selection of cakes and sandwiches. It’s just an honesty system too with no cash register or anything; just a bowl to put your money in. It was wonderful and the sort of place that lends itself to a cup of earl grey tea and some cake which is exactly what we had. It’s times like these that I’m flexible with the veganism. My philosophy in these situations is you take what you get and you don’t get upset. Although they might not want us to come back any time soon because just as we walked inside, Daniel asked in the loudest voice he could muster, “Why does it smell like a toilet in here?”. It didn’t smell like a toilet at all. I think Daniel could smell cleaning products.

All up it was only about 14 miles of cycling which isn’t all that far but I still feel like a had a good workout and I probably did given the heavy weight of Busby with two kids inside.


A very nice spot for a cemetery.


The Deeside golf course.


I’ve never really been a recreational cyclist as I’ve always thought of cycling as a means of getting from one place to another rather than something to do in your free time. It’s a form of transportation after all and I’m an urban cyclist. However cycling on the Deeside pathway on a Sunday afternoon is leisure at its best. There are no cars, lovely scenery, clean fresh country air, and a feeling of being one with nature. I love it.