A new cycle path for Aberdeen

A new cycle route opened up in Aberdeen this week. It’s a shared walking/cycling path which runs right next to the River Dee. I went and checked it out today and it was just lovely. It’s hard to believe this is in a big city (maybe big is not the best word for Aberdeen?) because it’s so green and leafy and undeveloped-looking that it could easily be in the countryside.



Here’s a map showing where the new cycle path is. I’ve added it as a purple line towards the bottom of this next pic.


The only problem is that once you reach the bridge at the end there isn’t any way to cross without dashing out in front of traffic. It’s a very busy road and the bridge itself has four lanes. Fortunately someone stopped for me and let me cross on one side and on the other I just ran for it with the bike. According to the Aberdeen City Council press release they’re looking into doing something about the crossings thank goodness. It’s nice to see cycling infrastructure like this being built.