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  • More dramas in the night

    More dramas in the night

    We had another eventful night last night but nothing life-threatening this time. First I was woken at around 1am by the sound of Elizabeth’s bedroom door. I went in to find her getting dressed. I told her it’s 1am and she laughed and went back to bed. This morning she told me she thought she […]

  • New vegetarian restaurant in Aberdeen

    New vegetarian restaurant in Aberdeen

    Inn at the Park hotel near Duthie Park now has a vegetarian restaurant. It’s a hotel/pub/restaurant all in one and the restaurant part of it has gone all vegetarian as of 1st August 2019. I don’t know the particulars of the change – it never used to be veggie – but I suspect it’s just […]

  • Aberdeen’s beach and veganism is mainstream

    Aberdeen’s beach and veganism is mainstream

    Daniel was invited to a birthday party today and much to my disappointment it was at a trampoline place by the beach. I dislike going to the beach in Aberdeen for two reason – 1) It’s a bugger to get to by bike. There’s no good route and I’m always stressed and worried about large […]

  • Foodstory

    Ben’s mother is staying with us and it was her birthday yesterday so we went to Foodstory for dinner. Foodstory is hands down the best cafe/restaurant in Aberdeen. Daniel’s plate of chilli was huge. But it disappeared very quickly. He’s only 11 and very skinny. I’m not sure how he can be so skinny yet […]

  • Bonobo Café

    Bonobo Café

    A couple of weeks ago Aberdeen welcomed its very first vegan café, Bonobo, and today I got to check it out. It’s the result of a kick-starter campaign which I, along with hundreds of others, donated to. All our names are on the wall inside. The food was delicious and the service, perfect. They have done […]

  • The Handmade Burger Company

    The Handmade Burger Company

    We went for dinner to The Handmade Burger Company this week. It’s a chain store which sells – no prizes for guessing what – burgers! I nearly fell off my chair and had a heart attack when I saw the menu because there were six vegetarian options and four of them vegan. Usually there’s just one thing for […]

  • The Herb Garden, Newcastle

    The Herb Garden, Newcastle

    We’re in Newcastle! We’ve come down for the DanTDM concert as a treat for the kids. I tried to get tickets to the show in Edinburgh but they sold out in less than one  hour. DanTDM is a 20-something British fellow with a YouTube channel about Minecraft which is supremely popular wth 6-13 year-olds. Daniel […]

  • Soul Bar

    Yesterday afternoon I took the kids swimming and when we returned to Busby afterwards I discovered I had forgotten to chain him up! He was sitting there without a lock for at least 45 minutes but thankfully, no-one stole him. Perhaps it’s just as a friend of mine said, “No-one can steal Busby because everyone in […]

  • British pubs

    I’ve always liked British pubs for their atmosphere and uniqueness. They’re not like big chain restaurants that are all the same. They’re all different and often a bit quirky like the Slains Castle pub in Aberdeen. Lately we’ve been going to pubs for dinner more often. This is because I’ve just discovered how good they are for […]