New vegetarian restaurant in Aberdeen

Inn at the Park hotel near Duthie Park now has a vegetarian restaurant. It’s a hotel/pub/restaurant all in one and the restaurant part of it has gone all vegetarian as of 1st August 2019. I don’t know the particulars of the change – it never used to be veggie – but I suspect it’s just a business decision to get more customers. Veganism seems to be where the money is right now.

We went last weekend to try it out. The starters and the desserts were the stars of the menu. Here are two of our starters which were shared among us. The first is bruschetta and the second dish is cauliflower. Both were delicious and the kids also loved them.



For my main, I had the bad boy Thai-style burger. It was also yummy but not as amazing as the starters. There were too many chips and I’m also not a fan of white bread. Why do people serve white bread at all? Wholemeal is so much nicer and healthier.


There were three desserts, all vegan apparently. We had the chocolate orange tart and it was perfection. It was not too sweet and the chocolate was deliciously smooth and creamy. The orange added a nice zing to it.


Please go and support them even if it’s just for coffee and dessert.

4 thoughts on “New vegetarian restaurant in Aberdeen”

      1. I’m sure there are, but we don’t get down to Sydney often and we tend to go to restaurants with a diversity of food styles so there’s something for everybody.
        Best wishes,

  1. I thought of you on two counts today as I was caught up in the power outage. Not realising how widespread it was, I cycled across London instead of taking the train to try to get out of its zone. The cycle superhighways in London are amazing! Also it shows how much we take electricity for granted, we ought to try to preserve it as best we can.
    Those look really inventive vegan recipes. Some of my favourite cafes are the ones that use gluten free and vegan recipes.

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