More dramas in the night

We had another eventful night last night but nothing life-threatening this time. First I was woken at around 1am by the sound of Elizabeth’s bedroom door. I went in to find her getting dressed. I told her it’s 1am and she laughed and went back to bed. This morning she told me she thought she had to get up to make an Americano in the café. She playing some café computer game right now.

Then at 4am Daniel came in to say he’d vomited. He was covered in vomit. It was all over his face, pajamas, bedding, and even made it through to the mattress topper. I couldn’t face dealing with it all at 4am so I bundled everything except Daniel into a garbage bag telling myself I was just going to throw it all in the bin the next day. Daniel went into the shower. That seemed to help me go back to sleep. But today I’ve come to my senses and the washing machine has been going non-stop.

It amazes me that Daniel doesn’t wake up before he needs to vomit. Most of us feel very sick but he sleeps through everything. Once when he was little I found him fast asleep and covered in vomit. He hadn’t even woken up. He also slept through the Christchruch 2010 7.1 magnitude earthquake.

Last night we went out for dinner as a special occasion to The Silver Darling to meet a friend of my sister’s who was visiting Aberdeen. I’ve never been to The Silver Darling but it’s an expensive seafood restaurant next to the harbour and Footdee.

A seafood restaurant probably isn’t the best choice for a vegan but they did have two vegan options. The one I had was a bit oily and salty for my liking. Foodstory is a quarter of the price, healthier, and more tasty! I often find the vegan options at expensive restaurants disappointing. The exception to this is the Fife Arms in Braemar.

Daniel ordered a seafood dish with scallops, mussels, prawns, and langoustines all of which I’ve had to pick off his pajamas and bedding. This is why vegan food is better. Fortunately, the laundry still smells of soot which is preferable to the smell of vomit. It’s all relative.

We had a nice time at the restaurant nonetheless as the company was great and it was cool to see all the boats going in and out of the harbour. They go so close to the restaurant and are so huge that sometimes it feels like the restaurant is moving.

5 thoughts on “More dramas in the night”

  1. Cleaning up the vomit in the night is the sucky part of being the female parent, eh? I wonder if Elizabeth would have actually made the Americano if you hadn’t intervened? 🙂

  2. Sounds almost as fun as my night on Sunday when the 94-yo showed me she had “coffee” all over her. It wasn’t coffee it was poop and she was covered from neck to feet. How in the world that’s possible, I don’t know. All her stuff DEFINITELY went straight into the trash.

  3. Last night I dreamed I had a fire in the house, and I tried to put it out but it kept getting bigger. Then it suddenly went out and someone else had called the fire brigade and they had come out with a hose.
    Not as dramatic as your night though, how weird to have two disturbances.

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