The Herb Garden, Newcastle

We’re in Newcastle! We’ve come down for the DanTDM concert as a treat for the kids. I tried to get tickets to the show in Edinburgh but they sold out in less than one  hour. DanTDM is a 20-something British fellow with a YouTube channel about Minecraft which is supremely popular wth 6-13 year-olds. Daniel and Elizabeth are very excited about the show. I have no idea what to expect.

Last night we went for dinner to a place about 100m from where we’re staying called The Herb Garden. It was superb!


It’s a pizza place but not your typical pizza place. The menu is unusual – a lot of thought has gone into creating dishes you won’t find anywhere else. They also cater to all kinds of dietary requirements including vegans which made me happy. There were two vegan pizzas on the menu. I have never seen that anywhere else, ever. They also had vegan steak & mash. Here’s the description of it on their specials board:


And the dish itself:


Ben and I shared this with a vegan pizza and they were both delicious.


Hanging lanterns.


They grow their own herbs hydroponically although I think this wall may be a work in progress.



Yesterday afternoon we had an hour to spare so we took the kids to the Discovery Museum and there’s a real Enigma machine on display. How exciting is that!