A Viennese waltz

I’m very excited to be attending Word Camp EU in Vienna this week. The lineup of speakers is superb and so many of my coworkers are going that it’ll be like a mini grand meetup. Ben and the kids are also coming along and we’re going to stay in Vienna for an extra couple of days afterwards to have a look around.

On the Saturday night there’s going to be a ball. Yay! A ball! I have been given permission by Ben to abandon them for the evening so I can go and pretend I’m young and popular for a couple of hours. For once I won’t have to prance around my room in a dress looking silly; instead I get to it out and make a fool of myself in public. This is how I normally look:

But I’m imagining something like this:

Ok, I realise I’m probably getting a bit carried away and it’ll be more like this:

In any case, I’m always very happy to make a fool of myself, especially if it means I’m the centre of attention for five minutes, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

This is why I love the tech industry. People in tech, in my experience anyway, are so non-judgemental. I could wear a chicken suit and it would be fine. Vienna here we come!