Happy birthday, Elizabeth

On this day, four years ago, Elizabeth was born. In hindsight, it wasn’t very well planned but she was due on the 17th of December and kept us waiting. After two weeks, the hospital staff refused to let me wait any longer and so on New Year’s Eve 2009, I was induced and Elizabeth was born. I’m sure it was the easiest birth in all of history, being completely pain-free thanks to an epidural, and taking at most about an hour. I’ve had one child with an epidural and one child without and my view is that epidurals are definitely the way to go. She was born at around 7pm and we were back at home by 10pm.

Now she is a delightful and energetic four-year-old. Her main interests are in the natural world and her favourite toys are rocks, sticks and leaves. There is a never-ending collection of bits from outdoors in our living room. She’s got quite a husky voice so I’m convinced she’s going to be a soul singer when she grows up. She certainly likes to sing and dance.

Today we are throwing a fancy dress party for her and the adults are required to wear a costume too. Why should the children have all the fun? Ben and I have both chosen, separately of each other, to be villains. I’m Cat Woman and he’s Darth Vader. Daniel is Robin Hood and Elizabeth is the heroine from Brave, Merida.

Happy New Year to all. I hope 2014 is a good year.

20 Replies to “Happy birthday, Elizabeth”

  1. Yes we were there at the time. It seemed almost that you went out shopping and came back with a baby – it was so quick and without fuss.

    1. That’s what they do in Christchurch, didn’t I tell you? You pick your baby from the shelf, pay for it, then take it home. I think I got the times about right. Did it sound right to you?

  2. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth. Hope everyone has a great time at the party. Hopefully, Ben is practicing “Elizabeth, I am your father” in the correct voice πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Victor.

      I’ve got to draw the squirrel now for pin the tail on the squirrel. I thought a squirrel would be appropriate πŸ™‚

  3. Sooo looking forward to photos of the big event! Should be fun. πŸ™‚ Best of 4th birthdays to Elizabeth!!

  4. The best parties are those with costumes, I think! Happy birthday to Elizabeth and Happy New Year to all!

  5. Wow, what an amazing birth! I wish I could say the same about my three! I didn’t have an epidural as I was too scared of having a needle in my spine but by the time I was begging for drugs, needles, anything, it was too late! I loved seeing all the dressing up pics in your next post, we love fancy dress in our family, so much fun. I look forward to hearing about Elizabeth’s singing career! BTW my daughter’s middle name is also Elisabeth (spelt with an s instead!). Beautiful name…

    1. I do love the name Elizabeth. It’s my grandmother’s name and also the name of my favourite fictional character, Elizabeth Bennett.

      I was a bit apprehensive about the needle in the spine too but I didn’t feel it at all. Compared to contractions it’s really nothing.

      1. I would probably go for that now but I won’t ever be in that position again so don’t have to worry about it , lol!!
        And yes, Elizabeth is an absolutely beautiful name πŸ™‚

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