We’re currently staying at a truly magnificent place in Provence. My sister and her husband have organised a weekend celebration for their wedding rather than just the usual day and so a group of about 30 of us have gathered in this lovely part of the world to drink and be merry.

There are quite a few kids and they’re all free-ranging around the vast open spaces. There are no cars, just vineyards, fields, and forest. I went for a run around these grape vines yesterday. It was wonderful.






I got another nice photo of the sisters again today. You can tell I’m the one who has come from Scotland while everyone else is used to warmer climates. My dress in this next photo came from a charity shop in Aberdeen.


What a good life I have and don’t I know it 🙂

5 Replies to “Provence”

  1. What a wonderful way to get married. I imagine you’re all having the best time. Perfect place for kids by the sounds of it. How are the young cousins getting on?

    1. The cousins are having a ball. Elizabeth plays with Maddie and Daniel plays with Oscar. They all get on really well.

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