10th Anniversary Party

About 10.5 years ago I bought a wedding dress to wear to my wedding which was 10 years ago yesterday. However I was 7 months pregnant at the wedding and the dress didn’t fit so I never got to wear it. Yesterday we had a party to celebrate the 10 years and I wore the wedding dress I never got to wear – it fit this time.

It’s a dress by New Zealand designer, Annah Stretton. She still makes a similar style today but I think mine is nicer than her more recent designs which don’t have the contrasting colour patterns.


My shoes are gumboots. I dislike high-heeled shoes.


The straps are fake pearls and the dress and the flowers are made from silk. There are also some flowers on the back. It’s a lovely dress and a timeless design.


The necklace comes from Thailand – it was a special gift given to me about 20 years ago.


I got Ben a bowtie with elephants on it. Here’s my first attempt at tying it.


Several YouTube videos later and about a dozen more attempts and I got it!

We went to Duthie Park and a friend of ours took some photos.


It was pretty cold and poor little Daniel looks freezing in this next one.










I didn’t take any photos at the party but it was really great. There was chaos and kids everywhere. At one point Ben was seen carrying a wardrobe door downstairs from an upstairs bedroom. Elizabeth spent much of the time locked in the bedroom with a little 6-year-old boy. I think she has a boyfriend. Another group of kids was playing truth or dare and one of the dares was to jump out the window. Fortunately all our guests went home uninjured and still alive.