10th Anniversary Party

About 10.5 years ago I bought a wedding dress to wear to my wedding which was 10 years ago yesterday. However I was 7 months pregnant at the wedding and the dress didn’t fit so I never got to wear it. Yesterday we had a party to celebrate the 10 years and I wore the wedding dress I never got to wear – it fit this time.

It’s a dress by New Zealand designer, Annah Stretton. She still makes a similar style today but I think mine is nicer than her more recent designs which don’t have the contrasting colour patterns.


My shoes are gumboots. I dislike high-heeled shoes.


The straps are fake pearls and the dress and the flowers are made from silk. There are also some flowers on the back. It’s a lovely dress and a timeless design.


The necklace comes from Thailand – it was a special gift given to me about 20 years ago.


I got Ben a bowtie with elephants on it. Here’s my first attempt at tying it.


Several YouTube videos later and about a dozen more attempts and I got it!

We went to Duthie Park and a friend of ours took some photos.


It was pretty cold and poor little Daniel looks freezing in this next one.










I didn’t take any photos at the party but it was really great. There was chaos and kids everywhere. At one point Ben was seen carrying a wardrobe door downstairs from an upstairs bedroom. Elizabeth spent much of the time locked in the bedroom with a little 6-year-old boy. I think she has a boyfriend. Another group of kids was playing truth or dare and one of the dares was to jump out the window. Fortunately all our guests went home uninjured and still alive.

17 responses to “10th Anniversary Party”

  1. Thats a stunning dress, I know I couldn’t get mine on because I tried it on a few years ago and it wouldn’t do up at the back-My shoulders got broader and boobs got bigger no thanks to breastfeeding 3 kids! My husband and I just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary on the 18th November- We went for a 39km bike ride (my idea) and out for lunch at a cafe on the way back! Grant was happy because he didn’t have to walk his bike up any hills, I told him to take his time and keep going- perhaps wise words for marriage really! Ben looks good in his Elephant Bow tie- he never liked ties anyway! Looks like you had a fun party! Congratulations on your anniversary!

  2. I’d love to use that line about a party – everyone went home uninjured and alive. Truly signs of a good time, for kids and all.
    Glad you got to wear your dress at last, it is a stunning design, and perfectly accessorised too!

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