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  • Ross Ainslie live in Braemar

    Ross Ainslie live in Braemar

    We went to a Scottish folk music concert in Braemar last night and it was amazing, to use Daniel’s words. We were worried Daniel and Elizabeth would find it boring or want to leave early but they both loved it. Daniel even described it as a great memory he’ll never forget. Ross Ainslie played with […]

  • Growth spurts and the Queen’s Jubilee

    Daniel is growing at a rate of about 2cm per month and is now 1.5cm shorter than Ben. At this rate he’ll overtake Ben by the end of June. He’s quite obsessed by it too and checks regularly to see whether he’s taller than Ben yet. I’m the tallest in the house so he’s still […]

  • La Dispute from Amélie

    When I was in Madrid I stayed in an apartment with a Yamaha grand piano – what a luxury! I played it several times and when I returned home I found my own piano, which was previously a luxury for me, somewhat lacking. Everything is relative, I guess. Here’s my rendition of Yann Tiersen’s La […]

  • Music from Pride and Prejudice

    I love Pride and Prejudice. It’s my favourite book. I’ve read it numerous times and I’ve seen the Greer Garson 1940s film as well as the Keira Knightly 2005 movie several times; Elizabeth is partly named after my grandmother Elizabeth and partly after Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. I’ve also seen the BBC mini […]

  • A new piano!

    Yesterday I took possession of a brand new, second-hand piano. No, it’s not a Steinway but it’s still the best piano I’ve ever, ever had and I’m so happy. I did try to convince Ben that if we sold the house we could buy the Steinway but sadly, he was not to be persuaded. He’s […]

  • The Man from Snowy River: a film, a poem, and piano music

    We watched another 1980s classic film today, The Man From Snowy River. This is an Australian film made in 1982 and based on a poem by Banjo Paterson. It’s an Australian classic which I can remember watching as a child. All Australians are familiar with Paterson’s poem and anyone who has had piano lessons in […]

  • The piano and I

    I played the piano today for the first time since before the Christchurch earthquakes. After February 22nd 2011, we sold our piano because it was an earthquake hazard and Elizabeth was only 18 months at the time and easily squashed and killed by heavy items of furniture toppling over during aftershocks. We haven’t had one […]

  • The 10 album challenge

    Inspired by Denise’s post over at Listen Watch Read Share, I thought I’d try to compile my own list of top ten albums. It’s not such an easy task because music preferences change over time, so I’ve tried to select music that I’ve loved for years and that I never tire of. This is certainly […]

  • Music

    I haven’t had much to say recently so I thought I’d share some music instead. I also want to try publishing a post from my iPhone, something I’ve not done before. I hope it works! Enjoy the song: