La Dispute from Amélie

When I was in Madrid I stayed in an apartment with a Yamaha grand piano – what a luxury! I played it several times and when I returned home I found my own piano, which was previously a luxury for me, somewhat lacking. Everything is relative, I guess.

Here’s my rendition of Yann Tiersen’s La Dispute from Amélie. I have a whole book of his piano sheet music and it’s all wonderful. This song is probably the most famous.

2 thoughts on “La Dispute from Amélie”

  1. Whenever I visit my parents I make a point to play on their grand piano as much as possible. We currently have no room for a piano in our house, so I’m quite jealous of your piano, if that helps at all! Beautiful performance. 🙂

    1. I’m sorry to hear you don’t have room for a piano. Our house in Auckland was the same and I really missed it when we lived there. It adds so much pleasure to my life. Although having easy access to a grand piano sounds pretty good 🙂

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