Music from Pride and Prejudice

I love Pride and Prejudice. It’s my favourite book. I’ve read it numerous times and I’ve seen the Greer Garson 1940s film as well as the Keira Knightly 2005 movie several times; Elizabeth is partly named after my grandmother Elizabeth and partly after Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. I’ve also seen the BBC mini series but I prefer the films. The music from the 2005 film is wonderful and composed by an Italian, Dario Marianelli. Recently I got the piano music for the song Dawn which plays at the very start. Here’s my rendition, Swiss notes and all 🙂

6 responses to “Music from Pride and Prejudice”

  1. It’s beautiful to hear, Rachel. Makes me want to start playing the piano again. I’ve taken classes as a child, but have not played the piano for such a long time.

    I also enjoyed watching the 2005 adaptation of ‘Pride and Predjudice’ with Keira Knightley.

    Did you watch the television mini-series ‘Lost in Austen’? I thought it was refreshing and funny. Plus as an extra bonus: actress Alex Kingston (who plays River Song in ‘Dr. Who’) features in this unusual version of ‘Pride and Predjudice’ as mrs Bennet.

    On you can find a review of ‘Lost in Austen’ (spoilers!) and a link to the trailer of an episode of this series.

    • Oh I have not seen Lost in Austen! That looks great. I’m definitely putting it on my list of things to watch. I also loved River Song in Doctor Who and am sad she’s not going to be in the next season. Not as far as I’m aware anyway.

      • I hope you’ll enjoy watching it.
        Yes, River Song was such an equal companion/wife to the Doctor, not a girl but a strong (alright, also a bit wild!) woman. Did you see last Christmas’ special ‘The husbands of River Song’? I’ve recorded a clip from it when I was watching it with my sister and parents :).

        I’m also sad she’s not going to be in the next season. But perhaps Steven Moffat will surprise us again. Let’s wait and see…

      • I loved that episode – The Husbands of River Song. It was one of my all time favourites. I hope she comes back into the show at some point.

      • Loved it as well. I’m not a fan of multiple husbands, haha, but with River Song it seems alright. Yes, let’s hope so!

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