Elephant Sessions

We saw Elephant Sessions live at The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen last night. It was excellent! Elephant Sessions is a Scottish indie-folk band and I would describe their music as a mix between folk and dance music. It’s entirely instrumental with Euan Smillie on the violin, Alasdair Taylor on the mandolin, Seth Tinsley on bass, and Greg Barry on the drums.

I took a short video.

The supporting act was Cammy Barnes who was also excellent.

I did not care for The Lemon Tree as a venue. It was certainly not as nice as the St Margaret’s church in Braemar where we saw Ross Ainslie live. However, I suspect it has the cool factor for younger generations who like the atmosphere. It was absolutely packed and I heard it as sold out. To me it was just a bit hot and crowded and the ceilings too low. I made a note of the fire exits early on.

Selfie of the 7 of us before the start.

Towards the end we moved over to one of the sides near an air-conditioning vent which would puff a pathetic breathe of air at intermittent intervals, like a chronic smoker with lung cancer and covid. But probably it was only the Antipodeans complaining about the heat. Here’s one of my favourite songs of theirs.

There’s more on the Elephant Sessions YouTube channel.

Daniel and Elizabeth like this song best.

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