D&D, cargo bike, summer, and gardens

The kids played Dungeons & Dragons at Geek Retreat in Aberdeen yesterday. This was their second time playing and they love it. They went with friends this time which would have made it even better. On Saturday afternoons you can book in for a beginner's session and learn how to play. Their first game was… Continue reading D&D, cargo bike, summer, and gardens

Eating insects

For several years now I have been quite interested in entomophagy which means eating insects. I've started buying insect dog food for the dogs we borrow and this week I bought a packet of ground buffalo (buffalo is a type of beetle, also known as mealworm) from a Welsh company called Bug Farm Foods. It… Continue reading Eating insects

Insect dog food

Sustainability in dog food is becoming a thing. The dogs we look after always come with their own food which their owners provide but I feel a bit depressed giving regular dog food to dogs. We know how unsustainable livestock farming is and we're already consuming beyond our resources just to satisfy our meat-heavy diet… Continue reading Insect dog food

Meat allergy tick is spreading thanks to climate change

I thought this story was a hoax at first but I Googled it and found reputable sources like the New Yorker, ABC Science, BBC, and Science Daily. There's a nice symmetry to the thought that one of the causes of climate change - livestock farming - could also bring about its demise. Livestock farming produces… Continue reading Meat allergy tick is spreading thanks to climate change

Stick insect abortions

I'm a murderer. I killed dozens of our pet stick insects yesterday with my bare hands, squishing them into green slime. I felt pretty awful about this and had nightmares last night about mistreating pets. I realise this self-imposed guilt is irrational because I frequently squish insects in my greenhouse. Why do I feel guilty… Continue reading Stick insect abortions

The stick insects have been fornicating

Last week I discovered lots of little baby stick insects in our stick insect habitat. We started with four nymphs which I purchased on eBay last  year and they ate lots of leaves and grew and they must have laid eggs at some point because now there are babies. I'm not even sure how many -… Continue reading The stick insects have been fornicating

On eating roadkill

George Monbiot has written an article about how he recently ate roadkill: a grey squirrel. I think that if we must eat animals then roadkill is probably the most ethical of all the options since the animal is dead anyway. But in his article he describes how he was admonished for doing this by people… Continue reading On eating roadkill

The Fly

My children were fighting over dead flies yesterday. They came charging into my office arguing over why Elizabeth should have three dead flies and Daniel only one. I looked at them in disbelief and with more than a little exasperation said, "Children, you're fighting over dead flies!!!". Daniel immediately realised the absurdity of the situation and… Continue reading The Fly

Monster machines, serial killers and bugs

I haven't written anything on my blog in almost a week which is a long time for me. But I've been really busy this past week and this is going to continue for about another month or so. It's a very enjoyable and challenging busy though, so I'm not complaining. This morning we overheard Elizabeth,… Continue reading Monster machines, serial killers and bugs

In praise of change

I'm an impatient person. I also relish change. I'm not one of those people who fears it and who rejects everything new. Perhaps this is partly why I have no objections to implementing the changes needed to stem global warming and am perplexed why so many people fight against them. I read this great tweet… Continue reading In praise of change

Insects, anyone?

When my sister and I were little, our Thai nanny fried up some grasshoppers for us to eat. I can't remember what they tasted like but I remember the experience well: it was fun and exciting. We caught the grasshoppers and she cooked them. There is a word for the practice of eating insects. It… Continue reading Insects, anyone?