Our pets: stick insects

I had dogs for 13 years and before that a cat. When Freud died a few years ago it was such a harrowing experience that I decided I couldn’t go through it again. Not soon, anyway. I still miss him and our other dog Zeki. Now we’ve got four stick insects and these creatures are very low maintenance pets.



We feed them ivy leaves which I collect from just over the back fence. I pick long stems and stick them in water inside the insect habitat, that way the leaves stay fresh for days and I don’t need replenish them very often – usually once or twice a week. I take a peek to see how many leaves they’ve munched through and decide that way.

I bought them on eBay as nymphs which were sold as food for reptiles. These four little dudes made a very lucky escape 🙂

They don’t require walking and you can go away for a weekend or even a week and not worry about them. The downside is you can’t develop a relationship with them and they don’t do very much other than look like sticks 🙂