Monster machines, serial killers and bugs

I haven’t written anything on my blog in almost a week which is a long time for me. But I’ve been really busy this past week and this is going to continue for about another month or so. It’s a very enjoyable and challenging busy though, so I’m not complaining.

This morning we overheard Elizabeth, who is four, reading her older brother a book called Monster Machines. I’m not sure how we got this book but it’s a picture book of monster vehicles – things like hot rod, hummer, stock car, rally car, rescue rig, dirt bike, snow mobile, dune buggy and lots more – and not at all girly. But she loves it and I’ve read it to her so many times that she knows the names of all of them by heart. She didn’t so much read it to Daniel, it was more a quiz to see whether he could name each one, and for most of them he could not, so Elizabeth got very indignant and corrected him.

Following on from my blog posts about people being mean on the internet and making defamatory statements about others, I got quite an amazing one this week. Someone said of me and the author of the AndThenTheresPhysics blog which I help to moderate that we remind him of  “Fred West, Fritzl, all the other capture torturers”. For those who don’t know, Fred West was an English serial killer who tortured, raped and murdered young girls and then buried them in his backyard. He hung himself in prison. Josef Fritzl is an Austrian who kidnapped his daughter, imprisoned her in his basement for 24 years where she was repeatedly raped and gave birth to seven of his children. And so for trying to do our best at moderating blog comments, which is not so easy, we get compared to these delightful humans.

I’ve always been very interested in food and why we eat the things we do and have recently become excited by the emerging entomophagy (eating bugs) industry. I found this beetlemania info graphic from the Girl Meets Bug blog:


If there aren’t enough good reasons for us to consider adding insects to our diet then here are some more in this video from Little Herds: