Leaf insects and other things

Ben is outraged that I’ve taken possession of two and a half chests of drawers for my clothes and left him with only half a chest of drawers. On the surface of it this might seem unfair but Ben wears the same outfit everyday so he really doesn’t need more than half a chest of drawers. I, on the other hand, like a bit of variety in the clothing I wear 🙂

Elizabeth got some leaf insect eggs for her birthday and a house for them. Two of the eggs have hatched. The hatchlings are called nymphs and one is looking ill while the other is tearing about his house and has so far managed to survive for a whole week. I hope this means he’s eating something as it’s not obvious that he’s eaten any of the leaves we’ve put in there. We’re complete newbies at keeping leaf insects so I’ll be pleased if at least one of the nymphs survives to adulthood. They’re very little at the moment: the one-week-old nymph is only about a centimetre long. I took a photo of him. Can you spot him in this pic?


Here’s the house:


Today we decided to open the manhole in the ceiling of our house to see whether there was a ladder leading up to a loft. This is common in British homes and – lo and behold – there was indeed a loft and a ladder! All my Christmases have come at once. Now we have somewhere to store all our (ok, it’s probably mostly mine) crap 🙂

I’ve changed the theme on my blog again to the new Mirror theme which is available for WordPress.com sites here:


Let me know if you don’t like it and I can switch back to the old one.

18 thoughts on “Leaf insects and other things”

  1. I can only wish that Ben gets his fair share 🙂
    I have an aversion for insects and reptiles. Eek!

    Stuff expands to fill up the available space just like work expands to fill up the available time. So beware 🙂

    Mirror looks alright but I have a feeling you are not making the most of the premium themes.

    1. I’m not a huge fan of insects either but I really like stick insects and leaf insects. I hate spiders though.

      We have too much stuff. We haven’t seen our stuff for a few months now and most of it we could do without. There are some things I’m really glad to see like the kitchen stuff but there are so many other things we really don’t need.

      How do you think I can make the most out of the premium themes? I’ll probably change again to something else before too long 🙂

  2. Yeah keep changing themes and you will know which one did you miss 🙂

    I think this is only the second time you changed the theme since you bought the upgrade.

      1. He has his favourite jacket that’s about 15 or more years old. I’ll never be able to find something to replace that until it literally falls apart.

  3. I like the old theme but the mirror one isn’t too bad either.

    I’ve heard it said that, if you don’t need to use things for about six months, you don’t need it. I have tons of stuff that I haven’t used for years!

    I’m amused by your chest of drawers storage arrangements. There is a lot to be said for wearing the same things every day but, like you, I prefer some variety.

    Steve Irwin had about 25 sets of khaki shirts and shorts and wore them constantly. David Attenborough wears the same blue shirts and taupe trousers. Apparently, he doesn’t give a stuff about what he looks like on his programs. Something very appealing about that. Hair can be a mess, his clothes dishevelled and he is happy for the cameras to start rolling.

    Hate to say this, but I couldn’t quite make out the leaf insect you took a photo of. You’ll have to buy a camera specially with the right lens so we can all see close-ups! 🙂

    1. I agree about the not missing stuff after 6 months probably means we don’t need it. Although I do sometimes go through old clothes I haven’t worn for years and think, that’s really nice, I could wear that now.

      I’ll try to get a better photo of the leaf insect. Hopefully as it gets bigger it’ll be easier to see.

  4. I Think I can see the little leaf insect – looks like a minute banana? It won;t need to each Much at that size 🙂
    As to storage space – sounds about right! 😀 Women need Way more than men!! How lucky to find a whole attic to store things in. There’s nothing in SA houses – if you walk on the “ceiling” in the roof, you will go through it! You have to carefully balance on the wooden beams, if you ever have to go up there – usually to throw in Rattex to kill massive roof rats!

    1. I just love attics. I think they’re terrific spaces to store stuff as it’s completely out of the way but still easily accessible. I suppose some people turn their attics into another room but this one is probably too small for that.

  5. Well, at least Ben won’t need any place to store his ties-one of his pet hates! Hopefully he no longer puts Jerseys on top of t-shirts…lol! From your posts it appears that you have a keen sense of style and a good figure to wear the clothes that suit you so well! For some of us clothes are function more than form although its good to have plenty of space to store them…another gift idea for a mathematician!

    1. Thank you! I’ve given him some more space now so he’s got somewhere to put his one outfit lol. I’m exaggerate a bit of course, he does have more than one outfit. I think he has two pairs of trousers 🙂

  6. We had stick insects about a year and a half ago and they were GREAT pets! Although The ones we had were Australian and ate eucalypt leaves? Are yours European? They become really quite large and would happily sit on your shoulder while you had a morning cup of tea. Also, if you have two females they lay little mini-me’s that will look exactly the same.

    1. I forgot that you had a stick insect. The one we’ve got is a leaf insect and it comes from Asia. It wouldn’t survive outside here as it’s too cold. They eat bramble leaves and we’re struggling to find them in winter but the leaf insects are so little at the moment that they’re not eating them very fast.

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