Leaf insects and other things

Ben is outraged that I’ve taken possession of two and a half chests of drawers for my clothes and left him with only half a chest of drawers. On the surface of it this might seem unfair but Ben wears the same outfit everyday so he really doesn’t need more than half a chest of drawers. I, on the other hand, like a bit of variety in the clothing I wear 🙂

Elizabeth got some leaf insect eggs for her birthday and a house for them. Two of the eggs have hatched. The hatchlings are called nymphs and one is looking ill while the other is tearing about his house and has so far managed to survive for a whole week. I hope this means he’s eating something as it’s not obvious that he’s eaten any of the leaves we’ve put in there. We’re complete newbies at keeping leaf insects so I’ll be pleased if at least one of the nymphs survives to adulthood. They’re very little at the moment: the one-week-old nymph is only about a centimetre long. I took a photo of him. Can you spot him in this pic?


Here’s the house:


Today we decided to open the manhole in the ceiling of our house to see whether there was a ladder leading up to a loft. This is common in British homes and – lo and behold – there was indeed a loft and a ladder! All my Christmases have come at once. Now we have somewhere to store all our (ok, it’s probably mostly mine) crap 🙂

I’ve changed the theme on my blog again to the new Mirror theme which is available for WordPress.com sites here:


Let me know if you don’t like it and I can switch back to the old one.