Ballochie Suspension Bridge, Braemar, Glenshee, and snow

I took these photos today of the magnificent Ballochie Suspension Bridge which is just outside Braemar. It was built in 1924 and spans the River Dee. I always admire it when we drive past, not just for the bridge itself which is beautiful in its own right but also for the setting - the forests,… Continue reading Ballochie Suspension Bridge, Braemar, Glenshee, and snow

Ecocamp Glenshee

We are back from our fabulous glamping weekend at Ecocamp Glenshee. It's about 2.5 hours by car south of Aberdeen through the Cairngorms. The drive was wonderful and part of it is along the highest road in the UK. Ecocamp Glenshee is wonderful for families as it's safe and they have animals - llamas, chickens,… Continue reading Ecocamp Glenshee

On top of the world

We're in Braemar for the weekend but were unable to get any accommodation because the Braemar Gathering is on and so we decided to book a 1974 VW campervan and take our own accommodation.   It has been a bit of a disaster so far. I had a lot of problems shifting gears. I learnt… Continue reading On top of the world