Ecocamp Glenshee

We are back from our fabulous glamping weekend at Ecocamp Glenshee.

It’s about 2.5 hours by car south of Aberdeen through the Cairngorms. The drive was wonderful and part of it is along the highest road in the UK. Ecocamp Glenshee is wonderful for families as it’s safe and they have animals – llamas, chickens, donkeys, and a goat. We stayed in a wooden pod:


They are heated and have electric power sockets but some of the other accommodation is completely off-grid. It was so quiet and so dark at night that I slept really well. There’s something about being in a location like that – the quiet, the beautiful scenery, the fresh country air – I found it very relaxing and could have stayed another night.






Last night we went beaver spotting. Beavers are native to Britain but were completely wiped out by humans several hundred years ago. In the last decade they have been re-introduced and there are now 200 or so beavers in this region of Perthshire. We went on a private tour with Daniele from Perthshire Wildlife. We sat on the bank of the River Ericht and after about 5 or 10 minutes the first beaver appeared. I took some photos but they’re pathetic and I’m not sure what the beaver is in my pic but I’ll post it anyway. I’ve circled what I think is the beaver.




This particular beaver family have a lodge under the yellowing bush on the opposite bank of the river. Daniele showed us some of the food they eat and signs of their presence like gnawed branched and tree trunks. We sat in silence for quite a while and the kids were amazing. I thought they’d complain and make lots of noise but they were really great. I don’t think they’re as fascinated by beavers as I am.


5 thoughts on “Ecocamp Glenshee”

  1. That’s a really civilised way to camp. Not wanting to sound wussy about camping, but the fact that weather is so variable means that when either time or money are precious, you don’t want to risk wasting your holiday away. What a beautiful location.

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