Santa, reindeer, and snow!

I got my Christmas present early today in the form of snow! No, it’s not snowing in Ballater but we drove to the village of Braemar – a gorgeous, gorgeous place – and then up to the ski field at Glenshee. It was only about 30 minutes away by car but I was driving and so it took us about an hour to get there 🙂

There was lots of snow up there and it was snowing quite heavily at the same time. I made a snow angel:


Elizabeth spent much of the time with her head in the snow, licking and/or eating it: I’m not exactly sure which. That’s her bum in the air in the bottom left of this pic:


Daniel discovered how to make snow balls and then spent most of the time making huge balls and nearly rolling over the side of a small cliff with them. We also built a snow man. Ben made it into this next photo…just. That’s his finger at the top left:





When it was time to leave I got stuck in the carpark – the car was skidding and not going anywhere – and I went into panic mode, something I’m good at. Daniel, being naturally anxious, started to get concerned and then Elizabeth burst into tears. I think Daniel was mostly concerned about not making it back for Santa and presents more than anything else. Ben remains calm in these life or death situations – he prefers to lose his cool when gadgets misbehave or when he can’t find something – but give him an earthquake or a tornado and only the Dalai Lama is calmer. Ben got a shovel and cleared the path of snow and we managed to leave the carpark and drive back down to Braemar.

Earlier today Santa and his reindeer visited Ballater. We went, of course, and this sparked lots of difficult questions like “Is Santa’s beard real?”, from Elizabeth. “Yes,” I said. She replied, “Then why is it white?” Then Daniel wondered why Rudolf didn’t have a red nose and “Why aren’t the reindeer flying?”



Merry Christmas everyone!