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  • Criticising our leaders and faith-based leadership

    We live in a free society where we can criticise our leaders without fearing for our lives and I value that immensely. We ought to be challenging Theresa May on the appropriateness of a deal with the DUP. For the same reason, Labour’s Diane Abbott can’t now claim unfair treatment for the criticism that was […]

  • Take me to your leader

    It’s hard not to feel a bit of schadenfreude about the situation Theresa May has created for herself. When she first became prime minister about one year ago I was cautiously hopeful. I didn’t know anything about her and it was a relief just to have someone in charge because for a short period we […]

  • Strong and stable my arse

    Theresa May’s snap election that wasn’t meant to happen turned out to be a bit of a disaster for her. She was handed a majority on a silver platter and somehow managed to squander it all on horse manure.  Now she’s carrying on as though nothing happened. It’s a bit like that Monty Python sketch […]

  • I voted

    I voted today. I am a British taxpayer and I’m happy for my tax to go towards a world-class education system, pay rises for nurses, a strong national health service, more police officers, and effective policies that protect the environment for my children and their children. I did not vote for policies that only benefit […]

  • Who is the bigger nincompoop?

    Theresa May and Labour’s Diane Abbott seem to be competing for the biggest nincompoop award in this election campaign. I think Diane Abbott is slightly more incompetent than Theresa May and even worse is that she’s the shadow home secretary during a campaign with two terrorist attacks. The home secretary is the person responsible for […]

  • The pen is mightier than the sword

    Wars are not necessarily won by the army with the biggest guns, although I don’t doubt it helps. They are won by the side that makes clever decisions and has an intelligent population supporting them. It is said that Britain was able to defeat Germany in WWII thanks in large part to the mathematicians at Bletchley […]

  • The Maybot

    John Crace from The Guardian calls Theresa May the Maybot. I think it’s very apt because she has come across as stilted and robotic in this election campaign, repeating memes and displaying a lack of independent thought and critical thinking. I realised yesterday what I am particularly fearful of with Theresa May and that is […]

  • Liar, Liar!

    I’ll likely be voting for Labour or SNP on Thursday. I haven’t yet decided which party but I’m leaning towards Labour because I really like Jeremy Corbyn and I want him to be Prime Minister. He rides a bike, he’s vegetarian, and he wears his mother’s knitted jumpers. What more could you want from a […]

  • “Does that elephant need its face more than some guy in Asia needs a tusk on his desk?”

    Theresa May plans to lift the ban on ivory trading. Why would anyone want to do that? The reason is because people who sell antiques are required to prove that any ivory in their products was worked before 1947 and this is apparently difficult and expensive to do. She is putting what is a minor inconvenience for antique dealers […]

  • Who should I vote for?

    Since we moved to the UK in 2014 I have voted in four elections: a general election, a Brexit referendum, a council election, a Scottish parliamentary election, and another general election next month will make five. We also narrowly missed out on voting in the Scottish independence referendum in 2014 by just two weeks. I’m […]