We’ve had a great day in Edinburgh today. First stop this morning was Laid Back Bikes where I got to try out an Urban Arrow. This is one slick bike. It weighs and handles similarly to the bakfiets but has electric assist and so is easy peasy to pedal. I’m in two minds about having electric assist; I’d like the option but I’m worried I’ll get lazy and lose my thighs of steel. I was mostly interested to see whether the kids could fit inside and whether there’s growing room for them since I’m expecting to be using a cargo bike for some years yet. The rain cover went over Daniel’s head but only just. He’ll probably be too tall for it in a year or two.


As the kids were climbing out Elizabeth said in her loudest voice, “Daniel wiped his snot in the bike”.

We need to pay off all the plumbing bills before thinking about a new bike again but it was good to try this one out while we’re here. I was impressed with all the cycling infrastructure I saw in Edinburgh, too; it looks to be much better than in Aberdeen.


Then we went for lunch at a vegetarian/vegan cafe. There aren’t any exclusively vegetarian cafes in Aberdeen so this was a novelty for me. Daniel, however, was not impressed and shouted out loudly when we first walked in, “I want meat”. He doesn’t get to eat meat at home but I let him eat whatever he wants when we go out and he’s definitely a carnivore. I don’t think I’ll ever convince Daniel to go veggie.

After lunch we went to Dynamic Earth, a science attraction featuring a simulation of time travel back through the history of the universe and the Earth. There was a volcanic eruption, 3D flight, rainforest exhibit, an iceberg and lots of other things. Both kids absolutely loved it. Daniel in particular was mesmerised the entire time. Elizabeth was a little scared, especially during the volcanic eruption, but she still had a great time.


It has been nice wandering around this beautiful city. Edinburgh has a great vibe and I’ve enjoyed coming here again. We visited the castle on our last visit and so we don’t plan to do it again this time but I took this photo of it towering over the city streets:


We also wandered passed this little garden which was created in 1910 as a place for children living in nearby slums to play.