Edinburgh WordCamp 2015

I’m in Edinburgh. We all came down for the weekend so that I could attend the Edinburgh WordCamp today and it was terrific.

How cool is this Scottish bag-pipe-playing Waapu?



Skyscanner HQ provided the venue. Skyscanner started with just four employees working out of a tiny office in Leith. They now have several offices all over the world but their head office is in Edinburgh in this building:


There were quite a few volunteers from Skyscanner who helped out today and they were fantastic. I’ve been using Skyscanner for many years now and so it was great to meet some of the people from the company and to see where they work.

There were two of us from Automattic: myself and Sérgio.


I was impressed to see a sign for vegan food at lunch time.


I’m so impressed by the WordPress community and I don’t mean just here in Edinburgh but all over the world. The people are always so friendly, humble, keen to share their knowledge and also to learn new things. It’s hard not to feel proud of where I work and like I’m a part of something special. It’s also lovely to spend the weekend in Edinburgh.

8 Replies to “Edinburgh WordCamp 2015”

  1. Whats the diff between vegan and vegetarian in few words?

    Skyscanner has NZ website as well. Will check them out next time I need to book flight. Thanks.

    1. Vegan = no animal products at all. Vegetarian = no dead animals but dairy and eggs are ok.

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