Strong, fit, and healthy

I love Saturdays. I feel so strong and energetic right now and the weekend is my time to get outside for some physical activity. Today I have been particularly active having spent my morning hefting huge bags of grit salt up the hill to the church.

Several months ago the city council invited people to sign up for a cubic metre of grit salt for sprinkling on public spaces over the winter. For people in the southern hemisphere who may not know what this is, it’s rock salt which is sprinkled over roads and pavements to lower the freezing point and stop the surfaces from becoming slippery. The city council grits the roads but they don’t do anything with the pavements. I signed up for a bag hoping my neighbours would take some for themselves but apart from two people on our street, no-one else was interested so now I have a cubic metre of salt in the backyard which is way too much for us.

I offered some to the local church and they were keen and got a bin especially for it so I spent the morning going back and forth in Hoss (my cargo bike) with large buckets of salt. The church is at the top of a hill so I had to take the full load uphill and an empty load back down! With the electric assist on Hoss it was easy peasy and the nice thing about a bike is I was able to cycle right up next to the bin which I couldn’t have done in a car.


Then we went for our usual ride along Deeside Way to Highland Dance and I was superwoman again.


There’s a charity shop near the dance studio which is the best one I’ve ever seen. It’s in a wealthy part of town but it’s still extraordinary to see what people throw away. Today I picked up this gorgeous dress. The brand is John Charles and I’m going to wear it for Christmas lunch. And yes, if you’re wondering I have hairy legs and I don’t care.