Diane Von Furstenberg dress

A Diane Von Furstenberg dress, blackberries, vegan shortbread, and autumn

I went to the charity shop today and got this great dress: a red Diane Von Furstenberg dress. It’s soft, stretchy, and made from a wool mix fabric. What an amazing find! Diane Von Furstenberg dresses usually cost £400-£500 new.

Bramble season is over, sadly. We’ve been eating bramble (blackberry) crumble several times a week for at least a month now. Ben has been regularly offering to go and pick some berries, no self-interest whatsoever.

We’ve been enjoying it so much that yesterday I bought some frozen blackberries so we can continue the tradition but I balked at paying £2 for 300g when we’ve been getting a kilogram for free.

Marks and Spencer have ramped up their vegan offering and this week I discovered they now do a Scottish shortbread. I can vouch for the deliciousness of it.

It is autumn and although I’m sad the blackberries are finished I’m loving the changing season and all the pretty colours.

5 thoughts on “A Diane Von Furstenberg dress, blackberries, vegan shortbread, and autumn”

  1. I always wanted a Diane von F dress but they are very expensive even on eBay. Great find. It does look beautifully made.
    It’s very windy today. I think most produce will have been blown to bits by now. Brrrr.

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