The dentist and playing dress-ups

I took Elizabeth to the dentist this morning and everything is fine which is a big relief after the shock we had last year. We’ve found a terrific dentist here. He told me that what Elizabeth had done, with the stainless steel crowns on her back molars, is the best treatment she could possibly have had. But he also said that they don’t tend to do that here because people fear giving a general anaesthetic to a child. Instead they pull the teeth out altogether or put in white fillings which only need to be replaced again as these don’t work so well on baby teeth apparently. Pulling the teeth out is also not a good solution because it means when the back molars come in, the teeth next to it are absent and so they can grow up crooked and push other teeth out of alignment. This particular dentist worked in the US for a while and he said stainless crowns are standard practice there. The Auckland dentist who treated Elizabeth was also American.

It would have been better had Elizabeth’s teeth not required any treatment at all and I can only recommend to all parents that they floss their child’s teeth from the moment they have teeth. We floss Elizabeth’s and Daniel’s teeth once a day now but we never used to. Never use the baby toothpaste as it doesn’t contain sufficient fluoride and never give your child fizzy drinks. We never did either of those two things anyway but plenty of parents do and it just isn’t worth it.

I usually take Thursdays off work and work on Saturdays instead. Today I was wandering around town and I went into a charity shop, as I often do, and found a lovely silk Monsoon dress for £10. I seem to be amassing a collection of dresses I don’t need and will probably never wear except for when I’m prancing about the house when no one else is home. I don’t think I’ve ever grown out of playing dress-ups. I’ve just spent a good 10 minutes trying to photograph myself in this dress so I can post it to my blog and this is the best I could do (yes, what a waste of my day off, I know, I know):


I managed to chop off the top of my head here but I think this pic shows the dress quite nicely (remember only £10, from Monsoon, silk, and I don’t think it has ever been worn) and at least you can’t see my frown lines 🙂

Time to go and do something productive now.