Rachel and Elizabeth at the allotment

Potato planting and wallpapering

We planted some potatoes at the allotment today. Lately Elizabeth has become interested in gardening because she has idyllic visions of being self-sufficient. I can remember going through a phase like this when I was about her age. At the time it motivated me to try making my own soap which I did with a friend but she accidentally got some sodium hydroxide on her tongue, or maybe it was me who did? I forget now. In any case, typically the kids have zero interest in the allotment but today there was much enthusiasm for potato planting.

Elizabeth proudly standing with a shovel over a freshly dug garden bed.
Me and Elizabeth smiling with our shovels at the allotment.
Daniel and Elizabeth digging
A row of potatoes ready to be covered in dirt.

Yesterday I finished wallpapering our entranceway. I figured out why the wallpaper had bubbled last weekend: it was because it was very cold, about 1C. There’s no heating in our entranceway so it’s almost the same temperature as outside. I think the wallpaper dried but the glue didn’t because it was so cold hence the bubbling. I put the heater on in the room the next day and all the bubbles disappeared. This motivated me to finish the job and it looks terrific.

Me standing on a stool wallpapering the entranceway
A view of the front door and one wall of wallpaper
A close-up of the wallpaper
A view looking down the stairs to the entranceway.

Most wallpaper from the 19th and early 20th century tends to be very busy and detailed like this William Morris wallpaper I’ve used. I love the intricate design but I think the Victorians had practical reasons for creating wallpaper like this. Walls in old houses were not smooth and the patterns hid imperfections. A plain wallpaper would have been less forgiving of bumps on the wall.

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