When mama papered the bedroom

Today I wall-papered the spare bedroom. It was my first attempt at wallpapering and although it was just one wall, it was a very tricky wall because it has a window and lots of corners. Being a Victorian house it’s also a very high wall at more than 3m. Here’s the before pic:


Despite people with more taste than I advising me against it, I chose chicken wall paper from Laura Ashley. Chickens aren’t suitable for a bedroom, they said, they would work better in the kitchen. Well, I’m not ready to wallpaper the kitchen and I had already bought the chickens and so I decided it was going to be a themed bedroom: The Chicken Room. I also happen to love chickens and used to have three as pets when I lived in Brisbane: Heather, Hazel, and Henrietta. And so the chicken wallpapering began.

I started with the easiest bit first.


So far so good and feeling very pleased with myself at this stage.


Now it gets harder.


Here’s where I started swearing.



I really fucked up the next bit and the two sheets did not quite meet together at the bottom of the wall. I have solved the problem by putting an item of furniture in front of that part of wall 🙂

Ben spent a lot of time giving me the “Told you so” look and so I returned it with the finger.


Nearly done now.


Here’s the end result.


If you come to visit us this will be where you sleep 🙂

The room isn’t quite finished. It still needs painting as the walls and ceiling are blue (what were they thinking!!!). I painted all the walls around the wallpaper earlier in the week because I thought it wise to do it before wallpapering otherwise I would be sure to get paint on it. But I still have more to do, including the ceiling. But it’s a huge improvement on how it was and I rather like the chickens. It was not an easy job but I would do it again.

Perhaps I’ll dedicate this post to Henrietta, Heather, and Hazel – my chooks – RIP.