I’ve been upgraded!

This week I was offered a larger plot at the allotments: a half size plot. Mine is a microplot and they’re meant to be only temporary. Microplots are 50m2 while a half plot is 150m2. I was very pleased to get the offer because my plot isn’t getting much sun now. I also think a half size plot is more manageable for me than a full size one. I went to investigate yesterday and was very impressed. The new plot has lots of garden beds already, although they were full of weeds but still in much better shape than the microplot was when I took over. I also found heaps of onions and garlic ready for harvest. I wonder why the previous person left without harvesting their vegetables? They also left lots of useful garden tools, a shed, and a glasshouse.


The shed is in bad shape. The roof was leaking and there was a pool of water on the floor inside. Thankfully my father is visiting and I put him to work today to replace the roof. This should cover his board 😉


He has done a terrific job so far. The old roof has come off and some new plywood nailed in place to make a new roof. All that’s left is to put some roof felt on but we’ll do that next week.


Here are some of the onions and garlic I dug up.


12 thoughts on “I’ve been upgraded!”

  1. Excellent news! I know that plot and as I recall it gets the sun all day long and late into the evening. The previous occupier put a lot of work into it and only this year decided he was too busy at work for it. It ought to tidy up just fine and in good time for the new season. Happy growing!

    1. It’s a wonderful plot. I’m really lucky. I can tell he put a lot of work into it and must have only given it up recently because there’s a heap of stuff planted this year. It’s a perfect size for us and I’ve got big plans for the greenhouse 🙂

      1. We used to have a blueberry tree in a pot. It was Rhiannon’s wish to have one and we did have some fruit off it. We also had oodles of redcurrants at our very old house, but they are sour and difficult to find things to do with :-/

      2. Red currents are quite nice frozen and then mashed up into that banana ice-cream I like to make. They give it a nice, tart flavour.

      3. You should have seen the number we used to produce though!!! My husband had a huge garden and the redcurrant plot alone I think must have been about the same size of your microplot. After I sold it, the new couple uprooted the bushes and netted it up for use by their chickens.

  2. We thought about getting an allotment for a long time, but ended up giving over half the back of the house (which is a sun trap) to a kitchen garden. We don’t grow a lot, but the kids love helping plant, and tending things as they grow. I think the biggest win this year was Miss 12 and her cucumbers 🙂

    1. We have a large garden but I’d need to pull out lots of established plants and trees in order to turn it into a kitchen garden and I don’t want to do that. I do grow a small number of veggies in the backyard but not many. It’s definitely more convenient to have them outside your back door but there’s something fun about the allotment.

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