When did everyone become so young?

People in TV shows have all become very young all of a sudden. Why are there so few old people? I know what you’re thinking – I’m not a spring chicken anymore and suddenly aware that I’m older than lots of people. TV shows have always been full of young people, I just didn’t notice it so much before. But why does it have to be this way? Why aren’t there TV shows about old people? Or better yet, middle-aged people?

In my 30s I had the odd grey hair that I could yank out. Now I have streaks of it which, if I yanked out, would create bald patches. However, I quite like my grey hairs now and make no effort to disguise them. I don’t think we should disguise age because it further promotes the youth-centric ideal. Frown lines, grey hairs, saggy bits, are nothing to be ashamed of and need not be hidden.

We all know they’re still there. Kindness and personality are what make us beautiful. Not botox, hair colour, and lip fillers. I don’t need glasses yet but I have noticed my focal point is moving further away from me and I’m having to stretch things out in front of me to read things.

I did a self-test ferritin blood test today. It’s one of those DIY iron tests that they post to you, you squeeze as much blood out of your finger as you can, then send it back to the lab for testing. A few months ago I was feeling very tired and thought I might be low in iron. It’s always hard to get a GP appointment and then you have to go back for a second appointment for the blood test and I don’t have time for that so I just got some over-the-counter tablets and immediately felt better. Now I’m wondering whether my levels are back to normal and I can stop taking tablets but I have no idea other than I’m feeling full of energy again. I thought I’d give the self-test a go but you have to squeeze out a lot of blood and it was harder than I was expecting. At one point I had managed to get blood everywhere except in the vial – it was smeared over all my fingers and my desk with just the tiniest of drops where I wanted it to be. In the end I managed to fill the vial up to the line and will keep my fingers crossed that it works and returns a sensible result.

9 thoughts on “When did everyone become so young?”

  1. Yes I hear you on that. I’ve given up plucking out grey hair (but then again, I’m 55). For that reason, I think my viewing habit definitely has changed. I don’t watch TV or go to the movies like I used to. I guess I’m spending more time on the Internet instead.

    1. I wonder whether TV show creators are losing viewers because the shows are full of 20- and 30- somethings? And no need to pluck out grey hair – I think it makes a person look distinguished.

  2. You are so right about there benigh only young people on tv!!
    I remember growing up watching Last of the Summer wine (a gang of hilarious retired ‘gentlemen’ 😜), One Foot in the Grave, Keeping up Appearances, Murder She Wrote (Angela Landsbury was actually about 20 years younger than her character!) & even ensemble shows like Are You Being Served had several older cast members in regular & recurring roles.
    In To the Manor Born, Audrey was a widow & Marjory was a spinster, so they must have been middle-aged or older, but now the closest thing to ageing casts on TV are the occasional appearances by grandparents!
    Cold Feet is having a re-boot, so hopefully there will be a few more mature actors onscreen soon.

  3. ‘People in TV shows have all become very young all of a sudden. Why are there so few old people?’

    Maybe because most of us don’t grow up any more and it has all turned into children’s TV for “grownups” : )

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