Crochet swimsuit, redcurrant jam, and an old video of Elizabeth

I crocheted myself a pair of bathers. I'm not sure whether I'll wear them in public. The colour matches my skin a bit too closely and makes it look like I'm wearing nothing. It was fun to make though. Yesterday I picked some redcurrants and stewed them up to make jam. I used water, redcurrants,… Continue reading Crochet swimsuit, redcurrant jam, and an old video of Elizabeth

Ten years on from Christchurch – February 22nd 2011

It's the tenth anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake today. 185 people died. I have written about my experience of the earthquake on this blog and so to avoid repeating myself I will simply link to that old post - my experience of the Christchurch 2011 earthquake. It changed our lives in so many ways. The… Continue reading Ten years on from Christchurch – February 22nd 2011

Phantom symptoms

Am I the only one who has been feeling my forehead, palpating the glands in my neck, and imaging various other phantom symptoms, wondering whether I've caught the virus? Probably if you're not sure whether you have a fever you don't have a fever. Nevertheless, I decided to take my temperature just to make sure,… Continue reading Phantom symptoms

Let them be scared

I've been completely absorbed by the earthquake news coming out of New Zealand, like news of the three cows marooned on a tiny island of pasture:   I am amazed by how much damage there is in Wellington given how far away it is from the quake's epicentre - some 400km. I'm equally amazed by how… Continue reading Let them be scared

Jumping and shaking

We cycled to Newton Dee again yesterday and I got this jumping shot for my friend, Stew. Stew is going to give me a cameo in one of his films one day 🙂 This week is my company's annual grand meetup but I'm not going because it's in Whistler. I know what you're thinking: Whistler!!… Continue reading Jumping and shaking

Another earthquake for Christchurch

Christchurch had another earthquake yesterday; the biggest in quite a while and just another in the earthquake sequence which began on the 4th September 2010. I remember that first one well. It's the reason we now live in Scotland. It was the middle of the night and we were all asleep. The sound is more terrifying… Continue reading Another earthquake for Christchurch

Hair cut just outside the red zone

I thought I’d take part in the first post challenge which is doing the rounds in the blogosphere. Thanks, Geoff, for pointing it out. The idea is to link back to your very first post and explain why you wrote it and why you started a blog.

I starting blogging because of the Christchurch earthquakes and so most of my early posts were about living in Christchurch and dealing with my anxiety. Blogging was very therapeutic for me and helped me to cope during this time. Thank you,!

My very first post was about getting my hair cut in Christchurch and how the earthquakes had changed the experience, not just for me, but also for others.

I’m happy to say I no longer feel anxious about earthquakes and getting my hair cut is a very relaxing experience. Living in Scotland probably helps 🙂

We ventured into South City yesterday so that I could have a hair cut. South City is in the CBD just outside the cordoned off area, otherwise known as the red zone. I’ve never seen this part of town so quiet.

My hair-dresser has been busy she says but one thing is new: most of her clients are not wanting their hair blown dry. She suspects this is because they just want to get the hell out of the shopping mall before another aftershock strikes. I confess I felt a little the same.

Across the road from the mall is the Smiths City car park. Ever since I moved to NZ almost 6 years ago, I have tried to avoid multi-storey car parks for fear of earthquakes. The Smiths City car park pancaked during the February 22nd earthquake and realised my worst fears. Prior to this, I was able to…

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Snowdrops in my garden and the Christchurch earthquake

The days are getting noticeably longer again. It seems to change very quickly from light to dark as winter sets in and then from dark to light again as winter draws to a close. Last November, the days grew shorter surprisingly quickly. You could see the difference from one day to the next. Now, in… Continue reading Snowdrops in my garden and the Christchurch earthquake

A beautiful frosty morning

I have been longing for some snow but there has been none. We haven't even had a proper frost, that is, not until this morning and the first real frost did not disappoint me. I used to love frosty mornings when we lived in Christchurch with the sound and the sensation of crunchy grass beneath… Continue reading A beautiful frosty morning

How does Christchurch look today?

Christchurch counted its 11,000th earthquake since September 4th, 2010, today. It has been more than two years since the first Christchurch earthquake of September 4th, 2010. It is almost two years since the smaller, but more devastating aftershock, of February 22nd, 2011 that claimed 185 lives. To most of the rest of New Zealand and the… Continue reading How does Christchurch look today?