TradeMe must stop selling guns

The news out of my old home town of Christchurch today is very sad. Kia Kaha, Christchurch. I feel like I say that a lot. Christchurch has had a really rough decade. When will it end?

I wish the media would not report the names of terrorists. It encourages idolatry and copy cats. They should instead focus on the victims. Name the victims and tell us who are they are and what their lives were like. The terrorists should be forever nameless terrorists.

It’s surprisingly easy to buy guns in New Zealand. I remember reading an article about it many years ago which I’ve manage to dig out of the internet archives – Want a gun, no questions asked?. Guns can be purchased on TradeMe (the New Zealand version of eBay). Sellers are supposed to check for licences but the onus is on them to do it. No one else is checking. The journalist described the transaction as ridiculously easy.  I looked on TradeMe today and you can still buy guns.

Around the corner from our old house in Christchurch was a gun superstore. It was kind of like a Toys-r-us but for guns. I was always a bit shocked whenever I saw it and wondered who would go into such a place. In Britain we have a knife crime problem but I’d rather have a knife problem over a gun problem any day. ASDA recently announced it would stop selling single kitchen knives to help combat the problem.  TradeMe needs to do the same for guns.