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  • How to add images to the comment box on

    How to add images to the comment box on

    It is possible to add comments to the comment box on but not through drag-and-drop and the image needs to be hosted elsewhere. If you have your own site you can upload the image to your Media Library by clicking the Add button next to Media. Upload your image, then select it, and […]

  • Enabling debug in WordPress

    Enabling debug in WordPress

    In my post about troubleshooting WordPress plugin problems I expalined how to disable plugins and themes when you don’t have access to the wp-admin dashboard. But what if that doesn’t fix the problem? Suppose it’s not a plugin or theme breaking the site but something else. The next step in this scenario is to turn […]

  • Troubleshooting plugin problems in WordPress

    Troubleshooting plugin problems in WordPress

    You’ve just installed a new and exciting plugin on your WordPress site which you can’t wait to use but it breaks the site. You can no longer access the wp-admin dashboard and all your visitors are seeing a white screen of death when they try to load the page. Fortunately there’s an easy way to […]

  • Look where I am

    Look where I am

    I’m in Paris for WordCamp EU 2017. In case you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about it’s a two-day tech conference about everything WordPress. Last year it was in Vienna and attracted over 2,000 people. This year is even bigger. It’s a community-led event organised by a team of volunteers. There are WordCamps all […]

  • Thoughts from a Grand Meetup

    I arrived back in Aberdeen this afternoon and must say it was nice flying in over the green patchwork landscape of Scotland and seeing the rugged cliffs along the coast. I think I even saw Dunnottar Castle. I felt like I was coming home. I was pretty shattered and promptly fell asleep for several hours. I had […]

  • A day in the life of a Happiness Engineer

    What does a Happiness Engineer do all day? I started my day today at 6:30am because I’m a morning person and I’m still a bit jet-lagged. Sometimes I start at 6am, sometimes at 7am. The choice is mine. I began by catching up on emails and replying to users via email. Then I started live […]

  • Oops, I did it again

    Sorry, indeed. For the second time I have published a test post to my real blog. This time I received some comments on it! Thank you 🙂 has a new editor and one of the features of this editor is that you can write up your posts from one central link and then choose which blog you […]

  • versus

    Full disclosure first: I love and I want to acknowledge that I might be a bit biased for two reasons. Firstly, I blog at and secondly, I work for Automattic, the company behind it.  I work in support at Automattic and so I get to see first hand the sorts of things users are doing with […]

  • Auckland WordCamp and “The Smell”

    I went to my very first WordCamp yesterday at Auckland’s AUT and it was fabulous. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day: all the speakers were terrific, the people were incredibly friendly, and I learnt lots. It was a great turn-out with around 130 people all up. I think my talk went reasonably well. The only […]

  • WordCamp Auckland 2014

    I’m giving a talk at Auckland WordCamp later this month. Matt Mullenweg volunteered me for this when he was in Auckland recently. We were talking with the Auckland WordPress group and they expressed interest in having someone talk to them about Jetpack. So Matt said I would do it. To which I replied, “Yes, of […]

  • My intro video

    Part of being a distributed workforce means that I don’t get to see my colleagues face-to-face very often if at all. Something they do at Automattic is to encourage all new employees to create a short intro video. Here’s mine:

  • Matt Mullenweg in Auckland!

    Matt Mullenweg was in Auckland last night to give a talk to all the local WordPress fans. I went along to get this photo. ——————————–> Ok, so I also went to hear him talk and he was great: inspiring, funny, warm, friendly, and very down to earth. He spoke about the history of WordPress and how it started, […]

  • I am one very happy Happiness Engineer

    I little while ago I had a job interview that I accidentally turned up a day early for. Well, I’ve just been offered the job! I am now a very proud and excited Happiness Engineer at Automattic, the company behind, Cloudup, PollDaddy, Jetpack, VaultPress, Gravatar, Akismet and more. Fortunately turning up a day early for […]