One last plea for cycling infrastructure

I gave my deputation at the Aberdeen council committee meeting today. I have spoken in council chambers before, several years ago when I presented my petition for a segregated cycle track on Union Street. It's an interesting experience. You're not allowed to take photos so I'll describe the room. It's huge with mezzanine viewing galleries… Continue reading One last plea for cycling infrastructure

Dresses, gardening, cycling, and lectures

I got a magnificent gown at the charity shop yesterday. I have no idea when or where I'll ever wear this but it was too lovely to resist and fits me perfectly. Today I've been gardening mostly. There's so much to do both at home and at the allotment. I'm so far behind this year… Continue reading Dresses, gardening, cycling, and lectures

Highland dancing and trees

Elizabeth had her Highland Dance exam today and it went very well. Here she is before the exam. Her kilt was too long so I got some braces and hitched it up. That did the trick and meant that I didn't have to attempt hem surgery which would have been a huge undertaking with all… Continue reading Highland dancing and trees