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  • Snow and council deputation

    The first snow of the winter fell last week and there was quite a lot of it. I’ve been keeping the bird feeders topped up as the birds are very hungry right now. All the snow has melted now as it rained this weekend but there’s more forecast for next week and not far inland […]

  • Engine idling and nobody in London needs an SUV

    Engine idling and nobody in London needs an SUV

    As regular readers of my blog will know, one of my pet peeves is when people sit in their cars with the engine running. This happens a lot outside primary school gates where children gather and inhale the fumes. Pollution from motor vehicles is especially harmful to children because they are smaller and absorb more […]

  • Electionmania

    Since we moved to the UK we have participated in so many elections. We narrowly missed the independence referendum in Scotland in 2014 but since then we’ve had two general elections, several council elections and European elections, and a Brexit referendum. This week there’s a council by-election in our electorate and next month there’s another […]