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  • Winter, recycled cashmere, and soup

    Winter, recycled cashmere, and soup

    We woke to our first frost this morning. It’s very late in the season to only be getting a frost now. It has been the mildest autumn since we moved here with most daytime temperatures in double digits still. For the first time I was a little sad when summer ended as I’ve so enjoyed […]

  • Jumper, cat, and comedy

    Jumper, cat, and comedy

    I made another jumper. It’s a bit too warm and thick to wear right now so I’ll have to wait until winter. But I love it! Last night I put some cat food out for the fox and set up my wildlife cam to get some pics. Here’s the “fox” eating the cat food. I […]

  • Crochet, cat, and toasters

    Crochet, cat, and toasters

    The top I started crocheting a couple of weeks ago I had to abandon because I ran out of yellow yarn and couldn’t find any in the same colour anywhere. I think they must have stopped making it. It was one I had in my stash for a little while so it’s not surprising. I […]

  • How to crochet a jumper without a pattern

    How to crochet a jumper without a pattern

    I don’t really like reading manuals or following recipes. I prefer to stick my hands in the mud and get dirty without having to follow a cookbook. One of the nice things about crochet is you can make a jumper in rounds and measure it on the body as you go. I recently completed a jumper for […]

  • Crochet jumper for Elizabeth

    Crochet jumper for Elizabeth

    I recently crocheted a jumper for Elizabeth. It was quick, easy and very cheap to make with the wool costing less than $10. Here she is modelling it: Although we are almost mid-autumn here, it is still T-shirt weather, so it may be awhile before she gets to wear it.

  • Textured Jumper Crochet Pattern

    Textured Jumper Crochet Pattern

    I have just created my first ever crochet pattern. It’s just for one size, small, but can easily be adjusted to fit larger bodies. It’s quick and easy to crochet and soft and comfy to wear. I reckon it looks pretty good too. Here, below, is my pattern, free to all. Hook size: 8mm Yarn: […]